I believe we all have the right to choose regardless
As much as I believe in the union of a man and woman is true

As I also believe in the union of love merging with love

I believe in the growth of a tender process

One that has an inbuilt structure of truth

I believe in that man holding unto his Faith

Just to grasp a knowing bigger than him

I believe in the fight for purpose even in the “songs” from birds

Was anyone born wicked?

Even though a certain book points to us as certified born-sinners

But carriers of huge heartbeats regardless

And down deep he wants to be a practitioner of goodness

I believe in something

But not in the glorification of just one life amidst all

Not the wars fought for gains

But vision of a team of peace makers and truth mongers

Not in the hate of fellow man

Not the “sound judgement” of one man

I believe in something though

I believe in the awakening of man’s heart to realities surrounding him

I believe in man making choices from just one option 

That man’s fellow man should smile

I swear I do believe in something.




There’s no such thing as ruining your life. Life’s a pretty resilient thing, it turns out.

Sophie Kinsella

Photo Credit; Lucile De Godoy

Embracing new realities with subtle smiles..
Just watching the goods happens in snaps; I don’t do much hassles and pushing. I Just keep the subtle smile on, as its all God.

A few of our good friends have taken us off their list because they don’t see it coming and aren’t patient enough with the process; its all good.

…and to the few that have waited patiently to see this little space produce content worth it’s value. You have not waited in vain.

#TheDissident comes up soon by his grace alone 😉





10 Places I Want to Visit in the United States!

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The Finicky Cynic

Hello, bloggers!

As an avid traveler, I’m always looking for new places to explore around the world. Having visited four continents so far (North America, Asia, Europe, Africa), I hope to visit more (that is when I have enough money to do so!).

In any case, even though I’ve been to many parts of the world overseas, I have yet to see all 50 states in my own home country, the United States. Granted, much of my childhood was spent seeing much of the West and East Coasts, so I’ve seen my fair share of places like San Francisco, New York, Boston, the Grand Canyon, Florida, and so forth. However, there’s still a lot more out there, and perhaps one day I’ll do a spontaneous road trip across the nation to see them all!

I have compiled a list of places I’d like to visit in the United States. If…

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Beautiful Words

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Write On


Sometimes it’s hard being the only one who always has the words, even when I cannot find them. It’s hard to sit in silence when the silence should be filled. I turn to my pages and fill them with words- words that have otherwise been ignored in my life, words that I cannot say out loud, words that I cannot empty my head of. I know you know what I mean. These words cannot be wasted on just anyone when they are so precious to us and so we wait for the right moment or maybe the moment when we cannot think of these words anymore and then we let them spill forward. But not in a reckless, haphazard way. No we find a beautiful way to say the most ugly things because sometimes making those ugly things beautiful any way we can is the only way we can endure…

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Was there ever a cooperate America?

Citizen Tom

I snipped the above image from Yahoo’s finance page ( Here is the article, Trump isn’t so good for business after all. Stocks have soared since President Donald Trump took office, and they soared today. Should we pay attention to the people who are stating their opinions with their own money, or should we listen to people who buy ink by the barrel and insist upon telling us what to think?

Here is the speech Trump gave on the deal.  It starts off with brief little presentation of the facts and an introduction by Vice President Mike Pence. Then Trump starts speaking and slowly warms to his subject. It gets better and better and better.

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