T.D. Jakes uses his gift for connecting with people to inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves. He unlocks the door to personal growth not only for the tens of thousands of members of his congregation at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, but also for the millions who seek out his wisdom through his books, films, television and social media.

These 10 quotes from Bishop Jakes will inspire you to relentelessly pursue your purpose in life.

1.“Don’t stop at where you are as if it were the destination, when in fact, in reality, it may be the transportation that brings you into that thing you were created to do.”

Our current circumstances should never limit us from reaching our true potential. We must turn our struggles into the vehicles that spur our transformation.

2. “Everything you’ve gone through is preparation for what’s about to happen in your life. The LORD has already given you a word, MOVE!”

When we “move,” we bring about the growth we desire. Tragedy hasn’t stopped you, heartbreak didn’t defeat you, failure does not define you; use this hard-earned wisdom to grasp your purpose and shape your future.

3. “We need to be who we were called to be instead of contorting ourselves into what other people want us to be!”

The surest way to lose yourself is to focus on other people’s voice instead of your own. Jakes calls on us to walk into our destiny and embrace our true purpose in life. Stop conforming!

4. “It is time for us to find the thing we were created to do, the people we were meant to affect, and the power that comes from alignment with purpose.”  

This powerful quote from his book, “Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive,” speaks to the clarity to be gained from the search for our truth. If you are in a job that drains you, it’s time to galvanize your forces and take the necessary steps to move on. The road will be taxing, but the promise of fulfilling your true purpose will fortify your conviction.

5. “Here is the problem with how many people approach the question of purpose: Many are looking outside of themselves for their purpose, destiny, or meaning in life. The very key to knowing your purpose is discovering and celebrating your personal identity.”   

Purpose resides in us; we must be directors in the script of our lives. In his work “Identity: Discover Who You Are and Live A Life Of Purpose,” T.D. Jakes reminds us that as you get to know more about yourself –– your likes, dislikes, values and triggers –– you will have a greater sense of whether or not the life you lead suits you. Life’s noise can be deafening; when is the last time you sat in complete silence and listened for the messages from your heart?

6. “God is about to plant you in a big thing. Your eyes have not seen, your ears have not heard, neither has entered into your heart what God has in store for you!”

From his electric sermon, “The Starving Prince,” from The Potter’s House Sunday service, Jakes challenges us to believe in our purpose. The “big thing” we were meant to do is coming! As you search for your true purpose in life, do not waver in your faith to overcome your current adversity.

7. “If we are called to be the salt of the earth, we have to get out of the saltshaker. Get out of your comfort zone, enlarge your territory.”

We are called to embrace change. Turn your tumultuous relationship around, heal the wounds that hold you back, dare to take a step towards your dream career. Your actions will loosen the ties that bind and will move you closer to where you are supposed to be.

8.”Your Passion is your conviction about it, your Purpose is why you do it, your Destiny is where.”

Passion and purpose are joined at the hip and move together, lock-step, towards destiny. Where there is passion, connect it to your purpose. Then set your goals higher than you think humanly possible. You will find your reward.

9. “At any age you can still ignite your passion through finding your purpose!”

Consider an athlete or a famous musician. They thrive in the skill that defines them, and the energy flow is seamless. We can all tap into our own inner excellence and radiate this same energy. Were you meant to counsel others? Do you have a way with numbers? As Jakes discusses, find your genuine purpose and never settle for false comfort. Ignite your passion and your purpose will reveal itself!

10. “When you know your purpose, you know what isn’t your purpose, so you can stop being distracted trying to do something that is not in the wheelhouse of what you were designed to do!”

You need to find the wheelhouse of what you were called to do. T.D. Jakes calls on us to shed our toxic distractions and share our divine spark on a daily basis. He reminds us that as long as we have breath in our bodies, we have the ability to flourish.

Read more: http://www.tdjakes.com/posts/t-d-jakes-on-finding-your-purpose

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Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lostErol Ozan

Enter a caption…and I have b

I spent real valuable time with writer and academia extraordinaire; Mr Rufus Rawlings of rawlingsrufus’ Blog and one of the most realistic and truthful Human I have met all my life; Travis Napoleon Francisco Totti …all the four names are nicknames, let’s forget about his real name, he’s just good people. QED!

Mr Rufus is one dude who really knows what he wants and overtly bent on getting it, I respect the dude for the talent he would always flaunt even when it’s visibly not necessary.
He recently just started his masters degree in Literary Studies (Literature); the dude bent on becoming a lecturer or something? None of my business; I just know the fella knows how to be professional to a freaking fault.

Mr Francis. Aka-‘Totti’, is that enigmatic fellow, always in the mood to lift your spirit. I just needed to be around men that knew how to make me feel right about myself, giving support to all the loads I deliberately opt to carry; seeing no wrong in the journey I have chosen to embark on; a friend and a true brother, who knows exactly what keeping fit means. It just feels good having a partner that’s ready to go for a 80 minute jog with you.

As usual, I got into deep conversations with this two individuals, a tool I use to sharpen my daily musing. (no apologies)
The sincerity embedded in words you get from passionate men like this two is just priceless. I mean just too priceless.

Our small discussions, was spread across a whole lot of issues, cutting across the massive ethnic divide we pretend isn’t a problem in our beloved country (Nigeria); to the fierce fight young Nigerians are putting in, to curb the excesses of the old trolls mishandling the wealth and potentials of young minds this country houses.


…but then, after blowing our minds with intellectual instances and revelations, our biggest disappointment still remains in the fact that; even after having strong convictions of the facts that; we are really not so far apart from each other, we still choose to build invisible walls to keep us always on the safe side at all times.

The sad truth here is that regardless the convictions “strong” individuals like you and I embrace on a daily, we all still want to be appreciated and accepted by the same people that blatantly ignore our pains and times of many fights.

It’s all about our needs, our desires, our pain, our tragedies. We want what we want, and we won’t give up until we have it. Forgetting we are part of a society that strives and functions on the naivety and ignorance of the next man around us.
What exactly do I really want?

It’s being a week of many travels and meeting new people. Hopefully I find time to rest and the musing continues from where it asked for a break.
Hope we having a great week ahead fam. Keeping up with more wonderful and thrilling comments I have being getting lately.

Yes I’m seeking for someone, to help me. So that some day I will be the someone to help some other oneVignesh Karthi



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The 4 in:

The Prophet and The Princess and La Reine has signed in!!
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PHOTO OF THE WEEK #HurricaneMatthew

Photographer; Carlos Garcia Rawlins


People walk down the streets next to destroyed houses after Hurricane Matthew passes Jeremie, Haiti, October 5, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

People walk down the streets next to destroyed houses after Hurricane Matthew passes Jeremie, Haiti, October 5, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

People walk down the streets next to destroyed houses after Hurricane Matthew passes Jeremie, Haiti, October 5, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins
People walk down the streets next to destroyed houses after Hurricane Matthew passes Jeremie, Haiti, October 5, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins