While we plan for the future (especially 2019);
we could aswell render less lipservice to the show of shame by the herdsmen and their president.
Perhaps we could do the same to the practitioners of mediocrity from the west. Especially that ugly one in ota

It’s certain from the recent trends in world politics compared to what we do here:
Most of our African leaders have always been fruit-picking, game-chasing wanderers and nomads.

Humanity has since moved on. It is our collective responsibility to rescue the left-behind from primitiveness, not to create an uncultured space for them within a fake civility.




Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds….Albert Einstein

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It is now obvious that the APC as a body, is a setup comprising of men that has never accepted the fact that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the president of this country and is qualified to rule a nation..

The APC comprises of men that should be referred to as ‘elder statesmen’ who could help in maintaining peace and serene in the northern part of this country by speaking to the Jihadist and Haramite Muslim politicians who resides in this country as well, that could reach the boko haram topdogs any time they want, asking them to stop their act and cuting all funds they give this boys, making the insurgence gradually go to sleep, but because Nigeria has become a place of “feast if you have got a chance to”

…they have chosen to let the bloodshed continue in pursuit of that chance to rule and are completely focused on taking over power from a government that is thriving and slow but very steadily building almost every sector in this country to world-class standard …with no serious focus on an almost empty oil reserve.

This old bigots in the APC are so desperate to taste power that has eluded them for years now and would thereby ensure there is a serious post-election violence in the North, if the Buhari Troop don’t get to their chosen destination …One that could escalate to the point we might be needing external bodies to interfere …well, I say God forbid to that.

I came across something that would really interest you and gotten from a very reliable source..


Brookings, the World’s most influential think-tank based in the United States, have projected a President Jonathan victory over the opposition’s candidate General Buhari in the 2015 Elections which it suggests would be keenly contested. The analysis, context and rationale of the think-tank’s projections is contained in the Brookings publication titled: Foresight Africa – Top Priorities for the continent (January 2015). “Though the election is expected to be very competitive, the odds still favour President Jonathan.”

According to Bookings, the All Progressives Congress (APC) is a fragile anti-jonathan establishment with a sole purpose to return power to the north. “The party is, however, a fragile one that seems united only in its quest to wrest the presidency from Jonathan or to have power “returned” to the north” “The APC gets much of its strength from tapping into anti-Jonathan sentiments in the Muslim north and grievances among the Yoruba who feel that the Jonathan administration has ignored them in key political appointments.”

The Report also indicated that the APC’s strategy is hinged on a combination of popular votes from the North West, North East and “the battleground SouthWest” but also hinted at the possibility of Bola Ahmed Tinubu not delivering the region contrary to speculations. “What remains to be seen, however, is whether Bola Tinubu—a former governor of Lagos State who played a pivotal role in the formation of the APC and is considered to be the party’s strongest mobilizer in the southwest—will be very enthusiastic in delivering the battleground southwest to the APC during the elections.” “Tinubu indicated his interest in being the party’s vice presidential candidate but being a Muslim like Buhari, the party’s strategists felt that a Muslim-Muslim ticket might offend Christians and cement the PDP’s labelling of the APC as an Islamic party.”


On President Jonathan’s performance: “despite Boko Haram—the country is thriving: The economy continues to grow and—with the re- basing of its GDP—became the largest economy in Africa and the 26th largest in the world. Jonathan’s supporters also point to his success in containing the Ebola virus, which earned him commendations from countries and institutions around the world.”

The Brookings Report also identified factors such as incumbency and numerical control of States where PDP has 21 States and APC only 14 as giving PDP an edge. “The greatest strength of the ruling PDP is its “power of incumbency,” and all the institutional support that goes with it. Not only does it have federal resources to use as patronage, it also controls key institutions”

The report advised that all efforts should be deployed to ensure a free, fair and transparent election and to avoid a meltdown as post-election violence seems very likely. “Post-election violence is therefore likely in the north if the APC loses while renewed militancy in the restive Niger Delta is likely if Jonathan does.” the report noted.

In all this,I am not trying to tell all you followers of the so called “movement for change”,not to stop chasing what they feel ‘might’ heal. All I would do is advice: Don’t help make some desperate few set you on a “journey to the backwards”, let’s do the continuity to a height we never imagined …which we are actually on at the moment, you would see what I see, only if you choose to pick reason over arguments.

It’s not all about Goodluck Ebele Jonathan …it’s about that man from bayelsa state, who clearly carries a special grace that has practically played out in our faces, can’t we allow that grace transcend to a polity that really needs the grace of God.

Sad a few of us don’t see this …but would be the first to complain if they get this change.

Passionately seek for wisdom, as you passionately hold strong to patriotism..


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