CONVICTIONS LATELY!! #TheDissident 21/04/2017

“Enthusiasm can help you find the new doors, but it takes passion to open them. If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.”
Roy T. Bennett




..and are they waxing real strong?

Lately, words like “disobedience” “rascal” “rebel” “self-reliant” “independent” have being practically thrown at me, like they literally see me headed doom’s way …and I am thinking, aren’t those the very words needed to sending any man to that “abysmal” point of stardom? Huh?

Well, I do care for my family, loved ones, well-wishers and hard-hitters as well.
I also do care about my happiness and long term relaxation in actualisations of dreams and goals, and with plenty of fulfilments attached to it. Would it be wrong to dream? I ask you silly naysayers. Would it?

I have sworn to choose to respect every codes of conduct and given laws that I “must” somehow abide by. but Hey!, I won’t be pulled by a leash to accepting every single code of conduct, even when I am sure they wouldn’t play an integral part in the nurture and growing of my set goals and ambitions to fruition.

Someone once said; “Every brother-man on earth is the architect of his own successes and failures.
But I state; “The failures I have solely acquired on my own and by my faults, could actually be the stepping stone to successes and realities no other man ever thought would come to the surface for all man to see.

I choose to stay strong, fight for life with highly inspired decisions, you could fault this decisions at your own peril. I promised myself I wouldn’t be a distraction to any man who has chosen to fight his way up the ladder of relevance in a given world of renewed craze and insanity.

My convictions are the oil that keeps the engine running, you could either join our crew-ship or abandon ship completely. No one, within this space we own, would ever fault us.

I choose to join the practitioners of only believers, who have chosen to live on regardless, heads up high in complete focus and anticipation.
All I need you to do when you stop by; drop your words of encouragement or just keep moving and act like this ones never existed to you. Either ways, let’s keep growing in peace and oneness and actualizations of set goals.

We are all humans and it’s true each one of us owns hard felt convictions. We should all be joining hands together to fight our demons, and fight alongside our angels, but if you think different, I would choose to allow you bask in the euphoria of your own thoughts, and whatever it has to offer.

What is certain is that; “some men aren’t meant to be happy always because they are meant to be great someday.”

If you call this “writing to make self justifications to sere stupidity”
I think you guessed right
I stay true to the source of inspiration and given experiences.




© 2015 CelonaCharles


Sometimes I forget to be happy
 Grateful for all the "little things I receive?
 Why do difficult times cloud my mind
 Leaving it open for things of less value
 When eyes should be set above alone
 With prayers to the Lord for my soul to keep - #CELONARANTS


F – Follow
O – One
C – Course
U – Until
S – Successful

Sometimes, when I am alone, I ask myself all sorts of questions. Am I building something really important to me and humanity at large? Am I the person that I have always wanted to be? If not, am I becoming that person or did I get lost somewhere along the way. Are my dreams coming true?

You know something; there are the type of questions one does not like to ask. But it keep popping up, isn’t it important to live life, living knowing our existence is mostly about building legacies tied around ‘answers’ we never knew existed.

I’d like to believe that my stories are going to last for a long, long time. Maybe for as long as the human race itself. But what can you do about this? How can you build a legacy? How can you make sure that people will remember you?

The only question I can think of is this: you have to live your life exactly the way you want to. That’s what true courage is all about: acting without regard to consequences. Or something like that. And sticking only to the things you really love to do. The truth is; there isn’t time for anything else.

We often take time for granted. We believe tomorrow is certain. But the truth is; its never going to be so. Sadly, we can never see what the future holds.

I have always wanted to be a freelancer. And in my definition of a freelancer, it doesn’t matter if you publish paperbacks or e-books, or if you just blog. Being a writer/freelancer isn’t about genre or style or awards.

Being a freelancer/writer is simply about complete focus. Finding an audience is also important, I give to you here that, I am truly grateful for being able to present my thoughts to such an attentive audience, but I don’t think this is the most important part.

What you are is not what everybody is!!!

Where would you be if you were me?

When I sit to write, nothing else matters. To me, this simple act brings joy to my heart. And suspended inside the few moments that I spend writing, I’m perfect. I don’t need anything else, I don’t want anything else. There’s nothing to take from those moments, nothing to add or change.

A few moments of perfection, that’s how great things are built. And then, everything that follows, it doesn’t matter. Because you keep on going. You write when you feel like it, and you write when you don’t. You write when you are happy, sad, confused, or tired. You write when you have to write, when you feel there are too many words crammed inside your skull, and you write when you don’t feel like it.

That’s why I feel I could build something great. Because I feel that there is greatness to be found every time I sit to do my thing. Because I am happy when I write. And I want for a small part of that to remain long after I am gone.

I keep staring at my reflection and what I might have achieved if I had chosen differently, with my name would represent, I keep weighing each and every single word I come up with, trying to figure out how long will it be before they all turn to dust.

But then I remind myself that I choose to live most importantly over being happy. because feeling lucky even comes second on the list. And if I keep writing, beautiful things will happen for sure.

“Credendo vides” as the Romans would say. “By believing one sees.”

I believe we can all build great things, and this belief could help create a living fact we owned, written in our very own name. Aspire!!

Do you and Stay you!

Keep Becoming!







“By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”  ― Eliezer Yudkowsky

FEMI KUTI #VisualsByCharles

FEMI KUTI #VisualsByCharles

Shelter tagged “House of Holy”
Shelve full of guru books
Rabi’s theology too
Home alter with melted wax and prayer beads
Even lotus legs, mantras and burnt incense
What is it that I really want?
Would this intense inbreeding bring God?
Or truth?
Repair to man’s broken state?

Has God gone so unavailable?
that I must obsessively perform all this rituals?
Does it not make you weary?

Has religion gotten to the point where it takes the peace away?
Should I auto transform into that which you preach?
Would this daily ritual be the reason I carry a positive spirit?
one that should enrich the next man?
Must I think like you to have a solid ground?
Would you ease all the pain if I “just follow you”?
Can your leash lead me to the gates my spirit long for
‘Cos it’s making me feel isolated at this very point in time.

This does not feel like fun as usual
I got smart because I had to
Religion made me seem fake and sick at the same time
Making my produce seem substandard
and that isn’t the me I even envision

As you teach power in humility
and Joy in meekness
but your actions that of a hustler.

I was given one mind, soul and spirit
Just like you
But you spotted faults in mine
which auto makes you the leader and I the follower

But I just long for a “good friend”
and not a spiritual godfather

I wish I had a gentle companion
not a holy commander
As I long to be sane but also a practitioner of goodness
I would never wish for this cage of “big gains”
I long to be stupid and make the little mistakes
that leads me to the very steps of rich human values
I might make mistakes yeah!
but surely ones that make my growth a safe one
not compulsorily a sane one

What happens if death brings your empire to a premature collapse
for you are human as well
and nothing special is assured
good people die too
more often than the “bad” ones
See me not a practitioner of bad vibes
only just a truth monger

What answers should be then given to an ever expectant audience?

Weary grow I with your perfect control
Which leads to an ocean full of huge Can’ts
and a platform of a hidden and wrathful God
Makes me even more rebellious
For all I want is to be lead the path of a loving Father and friend

I am in search of a new reality
but not a new identity nor ideology
reason I let go of this man-made avenues to God
As I discovered our creator is all around me
Within me
in you too when you let go of the hold of religion

I want to be down to earth
Not filled with the aura of feeling too special like you taught
I let go of all rehearsed intelligent
and officially embracing stupidity
If within it lies; the way, the truth and life.
I can’t lose God my friend
for everything He created represents him in a way.
We just have to learn how to connect
His glory is always somewhere waiting to reach me and you.

…WATCH OUT FOR #TheDissident



Often it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be~Heath L. Buckmaster


“Young and Inexperience” they would always refer to me and my kind. The exact reason I think there would always be discrepancies in-between sentences I love to use when expressing life in inked words.
Well, it’s only your listening ears and sound judgements I intend to capture. I am not concerned with comparisons between your existence and my experiences.
You don’t tickle my fancy each time you completely ignore the little a few of us has to say because it unsettles your stand on how humanity should be treated.
Being watching the news lately and the collection of incidents and events that has being presented to my eyes and ears is what I have chosen to tag “obvious stupidity of humanity”

Not up to a month; we were somewhat joined together in one accord; holding hands in oneness just because of the little treat from natural catastrophes, storms and heavy magnitude earthquakes, that threatened just a little fraction of our small world; I thought this brought us to a reasonable stand on “love” and “care” for each other, not having to bother about ‘man-hunting-man’ …when the coast seems to be a little bit clear; what we then get from each other is complete hate; humans inflicting pure terror on one another and then going ahead to making claims for some certain gods …because you somehow believe only you get to understand the definition of ‘wrong’ and only you knows how to eradicate ‘wrong’ from the surface of the earth, you feel you could inflict terror right? …and the best way you go about it is wiping off innocent loving people from the surface of the earth because they choose to live free like the rest of their kind.

Is questioning my worth really important? Why should it be? Does evil exist outside of man or does man attract evil because he chooses to be happy and face his business,
or is it that man can’t just tolerate the fact that we all can NEVER be the same colours, abiding to similar culture, tradition and ethical devotions.
Does man ever become so immersed in evil that he moves beyond the possibility of redemption?

At what point would sentiments and bigotry that has made a few of us practitioners of mediocrity be set aside? Why kill an innocent man, just to pass across a message?
Take a look at; The Northern part of Nigeria(Borno), Eastern part of Nigeria(Biafra) Northern part of Mali, Cities in Gabon, The Russian plane gunned down, bombings in Turkey, complete chaos in Syria, Constant threat from ISIS and it’s affiliates. It goes on and on …and you ask yourself; where did love go to? Why so much hate and fight over issues that does not have a concrete definition?

Why the bombing and shelling of innocent children and nursing mothers? Why inflict fear on the quite and peaceful lives of happy people with possible attack on their lives with poisonous gasses?


Hedris Afolabi: Old debate goes on and one, still unanswered dark deeds still abound. Can good exist side-by-side with evil and neither be unchanged by the other?

As I ponder these and other unanswerable questions that should lead humanity to live on and not just exist alone; In the end I renew my pledge to serve, without compromise the values that uplift humanity and mankind, trusting that this world of ‘duality’ serves a Divine purpose, even at the end of my stay on it.
I don’t think I have to always repeat an obvious fact, but I would on this special occasion; We don’t live in a world that is slit into two halves, we are brothers that should be watching each others back; stop questioning my worth and let’s try build empires together. I am not better than you so please stop trying to prove to me how you could be better than me in every way.

Life; Very simple I feel it should be, but this complications I see aren’t nature but hand works of humanity itself. Would there be solutions? Would there be peacemakers? Would there be live-savers and lots of humorist and people that make us laugh instead of the unnecessary tears?





© 2016 CelonaCharles


“Nice people don’t necessarily fall in love with nice people.”
Jonathan Franzen


I THINK WHEN I WAS WAY YOUNGER, I WAS ONCE A SOCIOPATH, THE TRUTH IS I NEVER NOTICED WHO I REALLY WAS AND wouldn’t have cared much if I knew what and who I really was. It’s hard to point out that exact time of my life when I crossed the line from incivility into social savagery, but I could ‘try’ saying it was probably the day I tried to clobber an older classroom mate with a baseball bat.

In all fairness the baseball bat wasn’t a real one (though it was a really strong one, made of heavy plastic). And in all fairness too, I was only 10 years old, but I had the clear idea of the crime I was about to commit, and I set about carrying it out with a sincere and quite deliberateness. This dude I wanted to hit really hard was one I tagged a “stranger”, though we had stayed in the same classroom for over 3 years. He had come to join me and my “real friends” on the playground, but I had other ideas because I was really conscious about my “little circle”, and I would do anything to protect my friends from this approaching “intruder”. I swear it never occurred to me that the intention of the dude “encroaching our territory” was a pretty fair one. (He just wanted to play with us). But I had a mind made up and there was no way I was going to let him “disturb” us. As he got really close, what I immediately recognize was that he was bald and 3 times my size. Lets forget about his size for now.
I have never seen a bald head up close before, and I stared at his mesmerizingly shiny scalp, which made him pretty uncomfortable. I found myself speculating that if having hair protects the top of your head from cuts or bumps, not having hair must make you extra susceptible to pain and injury.

The idea intrigued me, and the only way to test it was to run an experiment. I had an approaching subject and, looking around, I also realized I also had an available equipment to run my test: the toy baseball bat lying on the ground. I picked it up, raised it above my head and advanced to the unsuspecting “stranger”. He had being looking away but finally turned his attention towards me and realize what I was about to do. “Uh uh uh,” the “stranger” shouted. it was clear he was in complete shock; with a facial expression that should have made me feel stupid and shameless …but wait!! this dude looks way bigger than me. What on earth gave me such kind of confidence. I hesitated, he held out his hand, and I gave him the bat, then walked off to busy myself with other things, without even taking a glance at the dude’s face a second time. I felt absolutely no remorse over what I’d nearly do. After 3 days I still felt real bad I hadn’t struck the stranger on the center of his bald head.

There was not a single thing about my behavior that day that ought to be acceptable in a civil society. But there was not a single thing wrong with it either. I just wanted to express a feeling I felt inside of me as a child. What the hell is wrong with that?

Small children, by their nature, are moral monsters. They are greedy, violent, demanding …with no in-ept remorse in them and utterly impulsive. I am not saying they would be like that forever; also not saying they don’t have the ability to learn the “good” things really quick. But don’t you see them fight constantly with playmates and siblings at any given oppurtunity but scream in pain and indignation if they are attacked in return. Just like me back then; children expect to be adored at every point in time but never disciplined, rewarded but never penalized. Even older children in their late youth age still expects to be cared and served by parent and family without caring or serving reciprocally …and a few also go ahead to feel there is no single problem with feeling that way even at 30+.

Calling a little childs’ survival-based behaviour true narcissism is, of course, complete bullshit. Those very little individuals are moved not by greed and guile but by the primal need to live to the next day;a good reason to behave selfishly. You don’t speak their language and they know that, so they go get what they want without your direct permission. Its not being spoilt, its survival instinct. I think every child should have that to survive.

But that doesn’t mean the seeds of the behaviors that turn into genuine narcissism aren’t scattered throughout a little child’s temperament, just like the seeds of other personality disorders; ones with “basic” tantrums, if not dealt with properly, becomes an histrionic personality disorder later in life; the deep need for love and attention at every level, and the rage exhumed from the inside could be very crazy and deadly– that in an adult is called borderline personality disorder.

…to be continued!!





Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind ~ Bernard M. Baruch

As we finally decide to move this site to a much private and self hosted domain, there would be major changes! We would not be blogging for a while as we fix things and put widgets in places.
Writer, Blogger and amateur Editor Charles Okpere would ensure that everyone who has made this site a hub to basic insights, on real life people with a real life reality put into expressions, would not be disappointed with the outcome of things later this autumn.

Every word you see on our our platforms should be regarded as a deliberate mix of many thoughts, culled out from multiple conversations and interactions we have heard with rich minded individuals in recent times.
…tailored with the ‘simple and complete’ conclusions of an opinionated man somewhere in Nigeria. I know what your thoughts are but don’t worry. It’s ok

I think posterity would judge me if I don’t acknowledge one of my favorite blogger and writer for being here through all this learning process, she has being always here regardless the long periods I have had to use outside blogging in recent times. Many appreciation goes out to Erika Kind not just for being an example and a very dedicated and focused blogger, but for also making out time for the “underground” within the WordPress blogosphere.

I have seen loads of hard hitting comments on how I should improve on my writing skills and concentrate on making published works. My focus has never being on making “fine sentences”, but passing across explicit messages that could mean a lot to an interested reader somewhere in this very vast virtual world we have on our hands.

True That!!

True That!!

I suggest you ignore my “writing skills” and take a little peep into the little real life and mind communication we try to make here; taking this words in with an open mind and not necessarily making our written words ‘statement of facts’ but opinions forged out of real life experiences we choose to share with you.

I don’t think any consistent reader of this blog would have problems with the words that are often painstakingly put on here, ‘cos the truth is; no one here is interested in an unnecessary resentments channeled towards the minds that come up with the hard-felt expressions you come across on this platform.
…this post is another call to duty, for – Real talkers, intellectuals, thinkers, writers and doers who have always believed in the growth process we openly show. All of us at Celona’s blog wouldn’t know it all for sure; so we have continually chosen to read, research and scribble to broaden our scope, so in the end it’s all about aiding our search to solutions needed by a crazed humanity fate somehow lined us up with.

The structural ideology of Charles Okpere and the #OkpereCircle’s writing niche, has always being tied around a very conscious effort to; Most especially Learn, Expose, Inform and Enlighten ourselves here first, not regarding the continual hurdles we face doing the compulsory task before us, on a daily basis.

The exposure we sincerely look for is one we think should be a barricade to hurdles that can gradually ‘trickle to fumble’ a young man’s firm grip on sanity and doing the right things at the appropriate time.

so we prefer to blog-out almost every words that comes to mind on the very important issues that has left man confused. We painstakingly do this insane task even late  into the night, where silence and solace are our allies. Almost the same time Mr critique basks in the euphoria of the days “co-operate” achievements with a beautiful sleep, we on this side forgot what sleep feels like because of the dedication to a course.

I am saying we represent one of those very fussy writers who must have complete silence, to express it all, the exact way the picture comes to mind, and since we have chosen to speak out on most of the delicate issues that affect our everyday life, it’s necessary we put in more time into what we do.

NOTE!! This blog would for no reason choose to represent any anti-Semitic quarters, nor would we be against major stands by feminists all over the world, but we would seriously look into the atrocities tagged “politics” within this contraption called a country, the very one I live in. I would clearly state here that the type of politics my country teaches me is similar to what you watch on your NatGeo Wiild. (Zoo Style). Nothing similar to the media’s portrayal of a ‘democratic state’ #JustSaying!

I don't like my president's judgements on

I don’t like my president’s judgements on “corrupt individuals” in this zoo called a country

We aren’t promising to be a 100% politically or socially correct, but we would try as much as possible to stay on that lane we have maintained from the very start, one that represents standards of highly principled and structured writers, who try to get results. Results that points at the fact that other individuals and community in search of succor and explanations are regarded before ourselves.

With that said; I go ahead to greet my approval seeking aristocrats. Hope the weeks past has been all about smooth sails and all about accomplishments for you all. As you completely reject our words on this platform and try to make others do the same just because you feel we aren’t using the writing techniques you evoked from heaven, we only ask you shoot those critiquing with complete respect.

I am sure you know this already, here we take Rejection as that thing that’s better left forgotten, like an awkward encounter.
We are aware that as creative entities, we have our easy ways of dealing with our individual fair share of let downs and disappointments from a bad review, to being passed over for a place on “world renowned websites- and the list goes on and on.

A lot of people like to gloss over this very arduous part of the process of becoming a better writer and freelancer, the fact remains however, that without all this crazy suggestions, we can never be molded into the most perfect version of our creative selves as we could be. And as you feel we should be.

We get it. We truly do. You painstakingly push us to that edge of sanity- and topple our own doubt in ourselves and (I’m guessing vicious) self criticism has become an ordeal we now live with just because of this careless suggestions you have chosen to give instead of appraisals and encouragements to the work we have put in.

Can’t you see you are making this few purposeful creatives to be faced with something close to that surmounted pressure that they now essentially interpret as a sign to quit. Though this hurts us, it’s absolutely normal and we would be just fine. Just watch ;-D

Let’s think of it from a practical standpoint. Facts are facts – We are not the only ones in this fellas. For every moment we have all put into building ourselves as authors- there is always that someone that has doubled, tripled that effort. That’s called competition. This is a competitive field. And we appreciate all the steps that leads us to a point where everything we do here is way beyond competing with anyone.

kkc2Does this mean any one is better than us? Not exactly. Does this mean we would quit? Absolutely not. Does it mean we aren’t not good enough? Possibly, but it’s up to us here to improve. My point is , that a rejection on the surface – means very little when compared to friendly suggestion for us to try harder.

We understand that the true dagger in the heart of the average writer -pertaining to rejection- is the internal damage that criticism can inflict on him. We are choosing to accept this careless suggestions that keeps coming our way. I think you are beginning to regard us a threat in a few ways.

My own adept suggestions are that you allow us the chance to use our inner critic to gut-punch you harder than this senseless words some idiots are beginning to turn into fine trends.

We are choosing to stay Focus!!! and we suggest you stay patient with us. Allow our focus and patience supersede our fear and doubt. Encourage Us. ‘Cos we are ever inspired to be better than our previous best, and not basically trying harder-than the next writer.

CHARLES OKPERE: My advice to sincere writers, still contemplating on making the process a continuous one; Go for a walk. Create time to socialize. Do whatever you have to do to get that blackness out of your ambition, and then come write again, hit it harder one more time. Hit it until there’s nothing left. Then hit it some more and even some more, to the extent the dreams and goals becomes a foreseeable reality.

Any professional ANYTHING will tell you that the only way to be the best is to train like the best. So don’t give up. Push further. Read what was rejected and (if you were lucky enough to get a critique with the rejection) correct your faults.

And I find it sad that it’s not the fall that breaks most people, but rather fear. Or doubt. They stare down and they’re afraid of what might happen. The fall won’t break you. Trust me. If you’re brave enough to try to fly, the fall won’t destroy you. That’s for sure.

Failure is temporary. Pain is temporary. Anger should be temporary. Hopelessness should also be temporary.

Reasons I suggest that our focus should be all on gaining grounds for strides that lands us softly; not on platforms of; “I wish I was different” but on platforms that were formed by deliberate acts and guided by attitudes that were formed overtime from acts only you got better at.

Quitting, however, makes regrets a lasting reality.


I see magic in the least of places. I see magic in the artists that I once looked down on. I see an endless potential for greatness in you and I . It’s my choice to see what the “important ones” would never see in the “useless ones”, I speak for you and I as a friend, even when you aren’t willing to see what I see.

Rejection is simply a part of the business. Though it may be difficult to adjust, in time you’ll be as immune to it as you are to helium. So take it in stride and keep getting better.


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© 2016 CelonaCharles