Few Good Men?

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Fall from grace 
Now we are out of place.
We do not understand.
We just save face 
As there is no discovery in the pre-explained
No space for self pity 
Certified mould shapes so many brains.
As the prison becomes the prisoner.
“Society” takes the blame.
The expected spout of pure human nature.

Its so easy 
Yet we dont do nothing at all 
We find a way to waste the day For here we are feeling safe ‘cos bellies are full

Beautiful energetic interactions 
An aurora borealis of the heart Uningnited nor distinguished Playing it too safe to make a fire start 
But I have been playing with a match stick
And I could find a million pairs While information may be lost The possibility is always there
Don’t find one; Just live it!

How many possibilities do you really see?



#Celonarants ™

We live in a country where our young ladies who have recently attained the age of puberty cannot afford sanitary pads, but our men and women in public offices have ipads which they do not even know how to use.

Patrick L.O. Lumumba


We aren’t completely lost yet

Achebe beared witness

Adichie spoke further 

Understanding now preached unfairness 

As they dispatched togetherness 

And trampled on priceless happiness
They pointed at the heavily beard man

That slow hungry-eyed man

Belly filled with a nation’s torment

Mislead or misinterpreted

But a tool they used to fruition 

Ignited catastrophe on

Fore fathers who always considerate

In his ways knee only obedience.

Tears were shed; A lot!

For that long gone relative

Who thought and fought for a dawn

While I sit here now in complete conviction

That those birds of death

From evil forest of Soviet technology Should never have glided east

Aburi offered a truce I heard 

But greed and selfishness

Like a blind woman pacing the sidewalk 

Waited at the shores of the Niger 

With finger on trigger 

Did you conquer

Did he deliver promises made

As you unleashed terror on mothers and children

Air heavy with odours of diarrhea

Of unwashed children with washed-out ribs

All imagined family reunion at noon vanished.

No portrait on my wall

Of cordial hand shakes at dawn

As you were uneducated and influenced

While pride took him to place of rationalities.

While em subjugates were slaughtered.

Did you conquer

Did he deliver promises made

As they pray never to see a rebound 

Asking that a 2nd eastern holocaust is aborted.

But in flipping pages

And moving pictures bringing bare 

Don’t you feel a new type of pain?

As I observe an acrid stench 

Of crazy power hunt on all sides

Is injustice about to reoccur again.

Were there winners and heros then?

Will there be any now?

Will the shelling and bombardment 

User in a new type of crocodile smile?

As you decide to parade the python 

In a city at the height of sensitivity

Taking a slip of Faith?

Or working/walking on part of hate?

The story might be different this time.




Flos Place 7

Feels like tears in the eyes now

But choosing not to cry out loud
Inspirations and musing gone sour
I apologize for being torn

Looking at the day’s past
Fears still holding my last laugh
Should I quit or head for the next lap
I apologize for falling into rhetoric’s trap

I would be smiling
If I did not become too desperate

I would choose to respect the norm
If the dreams stayed small

I heard someone say
“When fighting the fight of your destiny It’s no time to be nice
But time to be right.”

After all said and done
I heard that salient voice ask;
Can you handle, fame, name and the blame ?

With a voice almost silent
I said “YES”

With a big smile on my face


© 2015 CelonaCharles


Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinionsRed Haircrow



Life seems like interfering patterns

Things which seem to have no connection eventually reveals their ties

Oppositions suddenly becomes best of partners just because one had something to offer the other

I think life is much more than it seems

Full of mystery I tell you

Layers of underlying meanings

Truths and even more lies

Circumstances interconnected through life in the most intriguing ways

Just live with a free mind friend

Expect less from waves of good vibes you release

Affect that next man with a casual smile

I stay away from hugs but I do love

Life seems like interlinking patterns
Bright or dull colours on those patterns
Are completely our choice to make




© 2015 CelonaCharles


“The Knowledge Rule 2080: From maggots to men, the world is a corner bully. Better you knuckle up and go for yours than have to bow your head and tuck your chain.”
Ta-Nehisi Coates

Niggas from the hood is the best actors;
The ones that get to wear their faces backwards;
Never smiles much or their defense gone.

They got ways of speaking that’s unnatural;
Just to make it through a job interview;
They Just trying to make it out somehow;

Peeping through this sheets I see the sun now
Another day yeah?
…and everything won’t be Okay
I know son!

Just keep your head up!

Better days don’t ask for permission

Focus on the simple things;
It’s so much easy that way!

The world wants the best version of you. You hear!😍😜



Baby toys were left at my door. Either someone’s trying to get my attention, or I have the attention span of an infant ~ Jarod Kintz



From the southern clans of Crimea
To the eastern valleys of Burundi

Petulance and greed staking it’s claim
Even in the northern hills of Chibok
Mourns and wails with no tame
As the children became less valid
Innocency set ablaze
As all men chases to own stake
Tankers replaces serenity of infants stay

How often should we see their faces gloom
And the bright sparkles in their eyes fade
Christmas carols scraped
For the loud cheers of songs of sorrows

Childhood was never intended to last forever
But those few years
Replaced with fear, force and fury
The little ones made no request for golden palace
All they wanted was freedom to play

Your children know and own pleasant places
For God’s sake
This little ones just want to carry their own faces
Not ended dreams
With a few words from your decisions made
Why play safe with words like ‘purge’
Committing atrocities
The devil would disclaim

Storming a mother’s yard
You call that intention for peace
My crys for that little breath you seize

You enjoyed a childhood
And inflict pain on that very same hood
Don’t you listen carefully
The tiny voices calling you an abomination to humanity
Robbing them off that little space to existence

What is consciousness to your being
Deprived basic amenities was not enough
As you also decided to make a mother loss a few
To make a nation thrive on what? Blood of innocent and harmless foetus

Thud! Thud! Thud Thud!
Please make that sound end
Thousand cauldron of sweet children’s blood
Discrepancies one too many
Would the blood bath go away
With aggravated mother’s asking
Which piece of you she chop off
In memories of their babies

Can you hear the laughter you muted
The multiple lives you refuted
My wishes for the few you spared
Don’t take them all away from us
Their laughter defines peace
Their presence encourages serenity
Mama nature wipes
As your sins pile up
Just brace up for her wipe

#Celonarants ™

© 2015 CelonaCharles