FALLIABLE HUMANS!! #CelonasNuggets


“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”
― Ben Okri


In recent times I concluded that perfect harmony can hardly be arrived at when we have constant internal turmoils stemming from grudges borne over something or even nothing at all.

A whole lot of times grudges stem from expectations placed on someone/something and when it’s not met, we begin the resentful spout and store up that senseless carbon in our minds and hearts. Even when we say that we have forgiven the person/situation, we keep a long list of records of all the shortfalls.

We have got to limit all expectations that would end up making us breed endless stupidity inside of us.
If we minimized our expectations from others and valuables, almost nothing would be a hindering factor to our ultimate reach in life, that way we leave room for pleasant surprises and also save ourselves that feeling of being let down.

An instance is our personal relationships. A lot of relationships would surely fail because we go into it with a long list of dos, don’ts and infernal expectations that would surely lead to no fruition.

Man is not GOD, but fallible humans! and would always remain as that regardless what anyone tags to their name. THEY REMAIN NOTHING BUT FALLIABLE HUMANS. You Hear!

This virtually applies to everything that we do. For instance you might have a nasty boss. Zero your mind down to the fact that he/she has issues that they are dealing with and they possibly don’t know how to be different.

Once your mind has accepted their contrary prickly nature, you go about your business as effectively as you can without letting the acid of annoyance and grudge build up inside you. Getting into differences with such people will only hurt you more, because the likelihood is that they may not understand, don’t care or are insensitive to your feelings.

Remember that you cannot change other people, but you can change yourself. Who knows, your balanced sense of self and disposition might actually serve as a source of inspiration for a whole lot of people.

No fear!

Oii Fam!!

Keep Moving!!






While we plan for the future (especially 2019);
we could aswell render less lipservice to the show of shame by the herdsmen and their president.
Perhaps we could do the same to the practitioners of mediocrity from the west. Especially that ugly one in ota

It’s certain from the recent trends in world politics compared to what we do here:
Most of our African leaders have always been fruit-picking, game-chasing wanderers and nomads.

Humanity has since moved on. It is our collective responsibility to rescue the left-behind from primitiveness, not to create an uncultured space for them within a fake civility.




Fall from grace 
Now we are out of place.
We do not understand.
We just save face 
As there is no discovery in the pre-explained
No space for self pity 
Certified mould shapes so many brains.
As the prison becomes the prisoner.
“Society” takes the blame.
The expected spout of pure human nature.

Its so easy 
Yet we dont do nothing at all 
We find a way to waste the day For here we are feeling safe ‘cos bellies are full

Beautiful energetic interactions 
An aurora borealis of the heart Uningnited nor distinguished Playing it too safe to make a fire start 
But I have been playing with a match stick
And I could find a million pairs While information may be lost The possibility is always there
Don’t find one; Just live it!

How many possibilities do you really see?





Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist 

~Pablo Picasso

   It’s not like popular books.

How to become successful
It’s a personal test.
If any of us do it, it will definitely work.
There must be a distinction between courage and indiscretions.
I wish it would help: wavering, skeptical and deferred perceptions!
Read steps below!

I thank those who will take her seriously.

  •  Give more than you take
  •  begins to execute the most feared things
  • Sponsors others even who don’t matter to you. You carry the leader’s spirit even if no one follows you.
  • Continue to fight, even if your whole body is bleeding.
  • You stand in vain if your fate is in vain
  • Invest in yourself if the whole world doesn’t trust you
  • Don’t look for arguments but results
  • Don’t let petty details disrupt major tasks
  • You can defend your own point of view if everyone stands against her.
  • Don’t be ashamed to make mistakes, for she doesn’t look helpless and dull.
  • If you need to hurry, you have to hurry, even if you are out of breath.
  •  Be hard on yourself and gentle with the good guys but get tougher with the bastards and make it hard for them to predict your fate.
  • Don’t forgive a traitor and don’t trust language and don’t let anyone mistake you twice.
  • Give only one chance to being discribed as a smart ass
  • You respect your word, your promise and your dates and the race that’s in its execution.
  •  When it gets worse, don’t avoid and take responsibility for your actions.
  • Don’t compare you to a win-win after a victory.. Just keep moving towards your target.
  •  Depends on the size of a misstep and think about getting up before the fall.



You need to have faith in yourself. Be brave and take risks. You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward.  ~ Roy T. Bennett

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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
Life is too ironic to understand fully. It takes sadness to know happiness, noise to distinguish silence & a broken heart to find true love.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

Take time to think, but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go all in and do it.

Character isn’t something you were born with & can’t change. It’s something you weren’t born with and must take responsibility for forming.

Pain makes people think. Thinking makes people wise. Wisdom makes life endurable.


© 2017 @celonacharles


Don’t set your goals by what other people deem important ~ Jaachynma N.E. Agu

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From works of Shakespeare; to the amazing style of writing, only Chinua Achebe knew how to use; to the 21th century style of storytelling Kendall F Person uses to weave beautiful intricate articles and essays.
All the beautiful works done by this favorite writers are somehow executed with some sort of ease I still feel I might never have. They wonderfully build settings, masterfully sculpt characters from the unknown and all of a sudden; their stories make use of the reader’s imagination, making the reader feel his dreams and thoughts by reading mere words with descriptions that are ever top notch. How is this even possible?

Ever read a short paragraph from a good article, done with words that seem to melt together to form a hint of perfection; An almost astonishing symphony that leaves you wanting more; One word after another slowly unveiling the pale grandeur of the ever twisted, yet sane human mind. This same words could be turned into moving pictures, but this words seem to be perfect the way they are; words with no intentions to describing a tangible universe. It’s


Feb’ 2015

just mere words stringed together in perfect harmony. Something I refer to as “cool” then creeps into the mind; “I was born to do this”. But at the end of the day I discover that; life would always be demanding, regardless the wishes and big dreams we keep gathering. Whether you are a widely successful writer, an aspiring author or just a man with a dream. At every junction leading to the post of “happiness”, it’s easy to figure out we are just ordinary inhabitants in a society that requires us to keep building for the “them” more than the “us”; A society that always wants ‘positive’ results even when it clearly runs in the hamster anti clockwise wheel of productivity; a society where one job can never be enough; and the individuals within its confines, pick as many job as possible, so they all could flex the muscles of that overrated fiscal power, which ultimately makes our dreams and passion slip down that priority list.


Wannune ‘Benue State ‘Feb 2015

I ask myself; Shouldn’t I accept that process of growth, that time span; where I evolve into complete beauty; that magnificent masterpiece; celebrated by not just myself but by the world around me. That point where we see all instant gratification as useless ‘cos there is always work to do. I don’t think I can possibly come to appreciate what matters to me, if I don’t spend much time with what really matters to me. I am just hoping you share in my “silly sentiments”.

It’s a fact; there would always be the hard and ugly times, the tragedies and unlucky days, the pain and bitter melancholy that defines our different moments. But the wise ones use this period to create ‘alone time’, even in the most crowded of places. Building defined articles and essays with every piece gotten; unknowingly answering questions of a deprived few; this writers do have dreams of their own, they look for a future that would be completely defining; so they face their business squarely.
In those little alone time; we bleed and cry and demolish and rebuild with only what’s available. As a writer, I figured life is an experience, more like a journey; so I take my time to be clear about my dreams, not getting carried away by the fact that my present day existence is an inspiration to people I have not met and might never meet.






In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summerAlbert Cam


I like to thank everyone that has affected my growth process in all kind of ways.
Firstly; I am grateful for having an overtly supportive immediate family.

My great friends on the blogosphere who have joined hands to really support, motivate and inspire
young but stagnant minds; who are waiting to be told to fly; the amazing blogs I stumbled on that has left a huge impact on me and my continual push for a strong supportive community; one with a selfless will to joining hands with the ones stretching for a reach. All
I have always promised is an onward and upward fight to always express all that’s brought to heart.

As we look forward to having a great
year ahead, I would love to share something I wrote late year, that has really held me together; setting my
sight on positives, alone. It could also be your guide to personal developments or tagged alter nonsense.
No one would ever settle to being a failure. Success is an accomplishment everyone seeks to attain. A chef, a painter, stock broker, dancer, whatever you are; the chances are, your plans for the future include achieving successes in your given choice of career.
The mind of a deep thinker …or complete rubbish …boils down to interpretations and perceptions.


Photo Credit – Gabor Dvornik



No man has actually gotten to the peak of achievements without a clear-cut commitment to succeed. Depending on chances, fate, magic or effort of other people, would only delay your growth process; ultimately depriving you of experiences you should gather on your field of speciality …experiences that would make every feat
of achievement stand the test of time.
Depend on your inept ability; after you have made the right commitments. Be prepared to take and give sacrifices, with intentions aimed at implementing the right strategy for only positive growth.
No success comes by drifting, floating or hanging on just chance alone.


Speak to yourself regularly. You have to be motivated to succeed. If there are no one around you to press those buttons for you, I suggest you hit those buttons with your own two hands. Go in deep and Kick-start something that pulls the attention of like kinds. You just have to be motivated to get things done.
Identify your single most important purpose in life. What is it that you really want. A questions that never seems to leave my lips.
Write your aspirations down; bold and clear. Make researches, ask questions, keep growing. Whatever gets tough on your road; press a little and it would role. When things get tough and hard you remember that you are working towards a much larger goal, I suggest a little pain here and there should be tolerated; heads up high; mind focused; Just keep that strap on.


Drop all expectations that would constantly lead you down random trails. Choose to make every step a deliberate act no one would be responsible for, just you. Distractions would result to an extremely unbalanced life. Stick to your first love; that thing your heart and soul loves doing non stop; those spouts that elevates you and the man next to you. If its not being self-centred, stick to it and flourish.
Be open minded about it, love it, improve on it, go ahead to teach whoever is interested.
The target should always be – “onwards and upwards”


I love the saying; Self deceit is surely the worst deceit. The worst person to lie to is yourself. As silly as it may sound,
people lie to themselves almost all the time. Its only reasonable to say that; if you want the world to take you seriously, you should have the ability to take yourself very very seriously first; choosing to be a person of complete sincerity. Make sure you provide a valid service or product for which you would expect a fair return.
If you stick to being a practitioner of poor jobs, you would always attract people to that swindle and cheat and vice versa.
Sincere Entrepreneurs, with sincere product only chase a good audience or customer for little period of time, even if it might be a little bit tough at the beginning.
Just be sincere with yourself and your personality from the beginning to the very end.


Caption This!


 …watch out for #TheDissident