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…and as I stepped into the small cottage Dad calls his new home, greeted Mum and took a sit to listen to Natures’ broken record for the umpteenth time, for sure on how I was not living according to Papa’s advice on learning and international language. “Spanish or French”.. My obvious response follows;

CHARLES: Daddy, Nigeria does not give us equal playing ground with the children of our technocrats and the owners of the Nigerian economy. I have spent year passionately growing the Entrepreneur in me, regarless the odds. I am trying my best to walk/work with the little I have got to barely pass through everyday. By the way I work as an independent associate for a few online magazine and a mobile small chops startup “Speedychops”. I barely earn anything as an external agent with this young businesses. I barely get support from you as I respect the fact you are retired and work for the Church full time.

FAVOUR (kid sister); There is food in the Kichen.


FAVOUR: How do you know, you just entered.

CHARLES: Cant you see i am talking

FAVOUR: Must you always use your skill to act all the time, you are too proud.

DAD & MUM: *Goes Quite*

CHARLES: *Out of words*

Message Content ~ Right or wrong, the girl child is always in deliberate search of the “soft spot’ at all times, as she compulsively needs it to build her confidence. Her best source is her immidiate family #Celonarants!!

…and even that wondrous proclamation of “girlz arepeeple! ” is often tinged with a weird obsession over the newborn girl’s eventual pubescent development or future sexuality.

I just…can’t!
I do not heap praise upon people who hold newborn girls and proclaim their nascent understanding of female humanity.

I grieve.

Work out your misogyny in your therapist’s office. Work out your past hurts and issues with women in your internal room.

But don’t use your daughter as that space. She is not karma for fuckshit, or sent in spite of it. She is herself.

Love her as such.





Kid Bro on the far right. (on his convocation ceremony)

A salient message to the emerging igbo youths.

The truth; we are not very innovative but a majority are great hustlers, but the 21st Century requires “BUSINESS MODELS” & “STRATEGIES”, not hustling.
Inbetween I keep thinking about Nandos. Nandos do essentially sell jollof rice, chicken & salad.. just like brother Nnamdi does in Ikeja (computer village) – but Nandos make >£500m in revenues in UK alone.

*Dump “Hustling” for a sound and well structured thought process.

*Dump Social Media “Trends” and start turning your hobbies and “free time” into a life time career.

*Read books on “Stocks and Bonds” and soft investments.

*Dont put all your funds into leaving Nigeria. Take time to learn about Nigeria and all her geopolitical zones.

* Even if you don’t have a leverage to afford good food. make out time to exercise your body and drink lots of water

*Have you visited your home town?

*Read your Bible, its your biggest tool.

You are born naturals have the ability to easily learn fast and have a body system that adapts to the worst any system can throw at you.





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