Fall from grace 
Now we are out of place.
We do not understand.
We just save face 
As there is no discovery in the pre-explained
No space for self pity 
Certified mould shapes so many brains.
As the prison becomes the prisoner.
“Society” takes the blame.
The expected spout of pure human nature.

Its so easy 
Yet we dont do nothing at all 
We find a way to waste the day For here we are feeling safe ‘cos bellies are full

Beautiful energetic interactions 
An aurora borealis of the heart Uningnited nor distinguished Playing it too safe to make a fire start 
But I have been playing with a match stick
And I could find a million pairs While information may be lost The possibility is always there
Don’t find one; Just live it!

How many possibilities do you really see?






Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist 

~Pablo Picasso

   It’s not like popular books.

How to become successful
It’s a personal test.
If any of us do it, it will definitely work.
There must be a distinction between courage and indiscretions.
I wish it would help: wavering, skeptical and deferred perceptions!
Read steps below!

I thank those who will take her seriously.

  •  Give more than you take
  •  begins to execute the most feared things
  • Sponsors others even who don’t matter to you. You carry the leader’s spirit even if no one follows you.
  • Continue to fight, even if your whole body is bleeding.
  • You stand in vain if your fate is in vain
  • Invest in yourself if the whole world doesn’t trust you
  • Don’t look for arguments but results
  • Don’t let petty details disrupt major tasks
  • You can defend your own point of view if everyone stands against her.
  • Don’t be ashamed to make mistakes, for she doesn’t look helpless and dull.
  • If you need to hurry, you have to hurry, even if you are out of breath.
  •  Be hard on yourself and gentle with the good guys but get tougher with the bastards and make it hard for them to predict your fate.
  • Don’t forgive a traitor and don’t trust language and don’t let anyone mistake you twice.
  • Give only one chance to being discribed as a smart ass
  • You respect your word, your promise and your dates and the race that’s in its execution.
  •  When it gets worse, don’t avoid and take responsibility for your actions.
  • Don’t compare you to a win-win after a victory.. Just keep moving towards your target.
  •  Depends on the size of a misstep and think about getting up before the fall.


Black and White Photo Challenge

Love your work on this post Mrs C KennedyHola 😊
Since I blog in only black and white I just had to share this.
Keep the good work going😊😄

Fixin' Leaks and Leeks

mountains “Featured Image:” Mountains and stream. I’m not counting this one as “one.” It’s just a featured image 🙂

    Sometimes I can’t follow the rules–even though they are pretty clear: “Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.”

Was I supposed to post seven photos on seven days or just choose seven days and then post all at once?  I really wanted to post all seven photos on one day. Luckily, sandyjwhite did just that, so I followed her wonderful example. I really want to thank Harini of The Long Viewfor the challenge.  It was loads of fun and I would like to challenge the following bloggers next–if they have not been challenged already:

  1. Elizabeth Drake
  2. mydangblog
  3. Jan Olandese of Book ‘Em, Jano 
  4. Late Bloomer
  5. hocuspocus1
  6. magickmermaid
  7. susiesopinions

So, here we have them: seven photos for…

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I pretend I am happy
paint a smiling face
laugh and joke around
nobody knows the pain
or sees the slices of it
I cover so they won’t be found
Not scared of the response
but both hands on unnerving principles.

I am a faceless teen then
one of many you see
trying to understand
a world of insanity.

with a mix of em bombs, drugs, and expectations.

Found people living in the same world of desperation.
will there ever be
a safe world of love
for me?
Rhetorics though but still searching for that safe landing.





Allow the words of Sir Kendall Person serenade you.

The Neighborhood

Spider's Hole

The trouble is not that I am single and likely to stay single,
but that I am lonely and likely to stay alone. – Charlotte Bronte


Kiss Me Deadly
by Cho Young Wuk


by Kendall F. Person

Alone in a hotel room, with thousands of adoring fans just blocks away, legendary singer Phyllis Hyman could no longer stand living all alone and took her own life. Ms. Hyman suffered from depression – a killer of a mental illness – if there ever was one; and although it amplified her sense of loneliness, the condition of feeling lonely, was psychological and not literal, for she was loved.

The 1974 short film A Cipher in the Snow, chronicled the life of a physically healthy, elementary school- aged child. Cipher opened as our little boy, requested to be let off his bus. The…

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#MondayThoughts: Manipulation

Spot On!!
I had to share 😉

Syl65's Blog

“Until you realize how easily it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.” 
― Evita Ochel


Lets say you want fish for dinner. You are given so much negative feedback and suggestions about fish until you loose your appetite for fish and opt for what someone else wants. It is easy to allow ourselves to be manipulated (consciously and unconsciously). We have an idea about something we would like to do and we consider all the factors and sometimes we let the factors change our mind. This is giving a situation or circumstance control over us and our decision making skills. Yes, situations can manipulate us into trying to appease and please everyone but ourselves. That is no way to live.

How often have you decide to do something which may or may not affect those around you and you are…

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Don’t open to doubt

Don’t Open To Doubt!!


Success Inspirers World

What should you do when doubt comes knocking on your door? Should you open or refuse to open to it?

The answer is clear. If you want to succeed, don’t open to it. If you want to fail, open to it. You may even give it a seat if it comes in.

Doubt erodes your resolve to succeed. It leaves you discouraged and you may end up giving up.

Hence, it is advisable to give a distance to it. Keep it away from you. Never give it a chance to come near you, otherwise it will grip you before you know it.

Each time doubt knocks on your door, call out to confidence, faith or hope to come to your aid. They are always on stand by to rescue you. Knowing how deadly doubt is, they don’t go far.

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