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Change your thoughts and you can change your world. An unrepentant cliche, right?

And yet almost every self-made man will tell you just how important thoughts are. Alongside a lot of self-proclaimed gurus.

I am neither. But I can tell you that thoughts are extremely important.

What you think you become. What you think shapes your emotions and actions.

Ultimately, everything you are and have is the reflection of what you think about.

Or how you think.

That’s the trick I guess. How to think. What to think about.

Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it. J.M. Barrie

What I realized recently is that we seldom live in the present. We are haunted by mistakes from the past. We are terrified about the future.

We do not realize that the past is just a story. Feedback. That’s it. The future is yet to come.

That’s our power. The here and now. Doing our best at any given time.

That’s the main ingredient for happiness, success, and all the other things that seem to elude most people.

We are what we think. And we must be careful, for our thoughts alone create the reality that we live in.

That’s why I like to say that life is just a matter of perspective.

You can only see what you expect to see. You can only achieve goals that you set for yourself.

Simple, huh?



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By: Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare

Ella Josephine Baker was born on December 13, 1903 in Norfolk, Virginia. She was raised with her parents Georgiana and Blake Baker. At the age of 7, her family moved to her grandmother’s hometown of Littleton, North Carolina, a Small rural town. There she would hear great historic tales of courageous slave revolts, including the story of her maternal grandmother, Josephine Elizabeth “Bet” Ross, who was whipped by her master for refusing to marry a man, her master had chosen for her.

Baker would attend Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she would graduate as class valedictorian in 1927, during her college days, she also built a reputation for standing up against school policies that she believed to be unjust. After college she moved to New York City.

In 1931, Baker would join the young Negroes Cooperative League (YNCL) which was a group dedicated to…

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A Little Motivation for your Day…

From Food Stamps To A Future

For those of you who are unaware, I have been burning the candle at both ends lately. I have finally committed to my book, and will be announcing soon, my anticipated launch date. I will tell you that I have given myself just 6 months to complete it. Every time that I put a specific date on a project, something inevitably gets in my way, and I feel like an utter failure for not getting it done “on time.” But, whether I stick to said date, or whether I’m a few days off, the important thing will be that the 1 single project that has haunted my mind for 12 years, will finally be complete. It’s been a LONG time coming!

So, with that being said, I wanted to do something just a bit different than normal today, and I hope that it inspires you in the ways…

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If you truly want to be respected by people you love, you must prove to them that you can survive without themMichael Bassey Johnson

robert 2

“The Prophet”

Most times we feel we have everything all figured out inside of our heads.

We feel we will always have that which we have always wanted and treasured since we were kids

Times changes, people would also change with the time but shouldn’t you be concerned about our dreams never coming short on it’s complete reality.

Are you carrying only the backings that promises from humans offer or have you chosen to make hardcore promises to your own existence?

As every new day ushers in new realities/conclusions; killing long time expectations we have held unto.

You should relax and begin to learn how to be patient, and enjoy certain things we hated and dreaded so much.

I for one has learnt to hate frivolities I did love so much; I don’t expect you do the same for any reason ‘cos I promised to constantly want to learn how to be me.

We are all so scared to let go of the whole lot of things that used to matter to us because we felt it would always be alright.

Time and rule that guides it its patterns shouldn’t soften our firm hold on the deliberate circumstances we earned for ourselves.

The way love goes has never being the same way it came; which makes the definition of life to remain functional, so why should I kill myself with my own hands.

Make every spout of motivation that make you fired up,  a deliberate thing you allowed

Make every spout of motivation that make you fired up, a deliberate thing you allowed

When we could all choose to remain happy for ONLY the good things that came our way, choosing to act like there was no pain.

As the psychopath would kill a man for sport, I chose not to deliberately become perturbed by all this serial negativity I encounter physically and on a daily too.

Why search for quotes to better your day instead of spending quality time building an empire that would stand the test of time, even when your children are no more?

We can never be the same as the person we were yesterday; why give ears to their constant criticisms when we should only be taking permission from ourselves?

Giving excuse for your every misfortune or downfall is mere stupidity and a big waste of time..

Psyche yourself up and don’t ever be caught off-gaurd!

Don’t doubt yourself, that’s what haters are forTurcois Ominek




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