Daisy -the Dissident Goat


Daisy in the willows

The song I’m sharing to day is by New Zealand’s very own Bjork-Kimbra. & a blogging associate  turned me on to her.

This is #goatbahsfor today because it makes my heart soar & I feel a great adrenaline kick from it.

Mother Nature does discriminate.  Why?

Yesterday, I found out a badger is loose in our garden. I think it’s looking for a place to nest. I decided to google ‘how to get rid of a badger’. The number one solution is:

Human male urine.

Yes, or a hot Scottish bonnet or 8th on the list is Lion’s wee. Even if I was still living in South Africa that would be hard to get.

Mother Nature!

What do single woman/parents do if they are being “urbanised” by a pregnant badger?

Just a thought.

My passion has always been for  causes that fight oppression in its many guises. Poverty, discrimination from…

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“You know, my motto is ‘Excelsior.’ That’s an old word that means ‘upward and onward to greater glory.’… Keep moving forward, and if it’s time to go, it’s time. Nothing lasts forever.” – Stan Lee

There are no words really to tell how I feel right now. Words won’t do justice! Siting here listening to Martin Garrix ft Mike Yung “Dreamer” 

This Visuals Should tell the whole story!

RIP #StanLee

#VisualsByC #Celonarants #CelonasBlog

Music – My Interview with Viktor Norðir

Carolina Russo Interviews Viktor Norðir


Digital Art Portrait Viktor Norðir by ©Carolina Russo

My interview with Musician Composer and Independent Artist:  Viktor Norðir

Today I am very excited and happy to introduce you with my special guest for this interesting interview. My dear friend musician Viktor Norðir from Germany.  Viktor is also the founder, song writer, vocals and guitar of band RIGNA FOLK and has a Solo Project as  Norðir.


RIGNA FOLK Band members:

Viktor Nordir (vocals, guitar) 
Jens sounds (guitar, synth) 
Vladimir Müller (drums) 
Chriss Fakler (bass, vocals, synth)

I like this band very much, they produce some great alternative music. If  you’re following my Blog for a while you had the opportunity to read about them other times. Recently I had a collaboration with Viktor creating  a short video, featuring a combination of his Music with my Art. I love to collaborate with other artists it is a great way for…

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Kid Bro on the far right. (on his convocation ceremony)

A salient message to the emerging igbo youths.

The truth; we are not very innovative but a majority are great hustlers, but the 21st Century requires “BUSINESS MODELS” & “STRATEGIES”, not hustling.
Inbetween I keep thinking about Nandos. Nandos do essentially sell jollof rice, chicken & salad.. just like brother Nnamdi does in Ikeja (computer village) – but Nandos make >£500m in revenues in UK alone.

*Dump “Hustling” for a sound and well structured thought process.

*Dump Social Media “Trends” and start turning your hobbies and “free time” into a life time career.

*Read books on “Stocks and Bonds” and soft investments.

*Dont put all your funds into leaving Nigeria. Take time to learn about Nigeria and all her geopolitical zones.

* Even if you don’t have a leverage to afford good food. make out time to exercise your body and drink lots of water

*Have you visited your home town?

*Read your Bible, its your biggest tool.

You are born naturals have the ability to easily learn fast and have a body system that adapts to the worst any system can throw at you.