Don’t open to doubt

Don’t Open To Doubt!!


Success Inspirers World

What should you do when doubt comes knocking on your door? Should you open or refuse to open to it?

The answer is clear. If you want to succeed, don’t open to it. If you want to fail, open to it. You may even give it a seat if it comes in.

Doubt erodes your resolve to succeed. It leaves you discouraged and you may end up giving up.

Hence, it is advisable to give a distance to it. Keep it away from you. Never give it a chance to come near you, otherwise it will grip you before you know it.

Each time doubt knocks on your door, call out to confidence, faith or hope to come to your aid. They are always on stand by to rescue you. Knowing how deadly doubt is, they don’t go far.

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This was love: a string of coincidences that gathered significance and became miracles.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half of a Yellow Sun


Please where is Nnamdi Kanu¿

Some democracies have self determination parties like the SNP in Scotland and Parti Quebecois in Canada.

I am therefore yet to see anything Nnamdi Kanu did that is illegal or outside the scope of democracy.

The simple conclusion is that Nigeria is neither a democracy nor a civilised place.

Please where is Nnamdi Kanu¿

What has happened to Nnamdi Kanu¿




There are some things that are so unforgivable that they make other things easily forgivable.

Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieHalf of a Yellow Sun

The sound of your music will tell you…

Simple, Precise and a perfect visual to follow.
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The sound of your music will tell you …
The sound of your music will tell you …

The sound of music tells me …

The sound of music tells a love …

The music tells the voice hate …

The sound of the music tells the future …

The musical voice tells the past …

The voice of the music tells the calmness …

The voice of the music tells the chaos …

The sound of the music tells the moment …

The voice of the music tells the memories …

The sound of music tells hope …

The voice of the music tells the despair …

The voice of the music tells the dreams …

The musical voice tells the nightmare …

The voice tells the tears of the music …

The music’s voice tells the smiles …

The voice of music tells happiness …

The sound of…

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Avicii- Broken Arrows (cover) (SSJ #61)

Who does not love Avicii¿
— The Finicky Cynic’s post!
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The Finicky Cynic

Hello, bloggers!

Hope you’re having a pleasant Sunday. As usual, I’ll be presenting this week’s “Sunday Slow Jams” as means of introducing you to some current music that I’ve been really into lately, all within the context of being calming and restful to enjoy at the end of a peaceful weekend.

While this week’s slow jam isn’t a new song, it nevertheless continues to be a good one to put on whenever it’s possible. This is a cover of Avicii’s “Broken Arrows,” as sung and interpreted by British YouTuber Doug Armstrong, who improvises and absolutely jams out (literally) during the beat drop– all the while being entirely piano-driven, which is hugely impressive.

Compared with the original EDM single, Armstrong’s interpretation of it is completely acoustic, a stripped-down version which I believe makes the song more vulnerable and meaningful in its lyrics. With phrases of getting beaten down, but having the…

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We All Have Our Demons

Top of the morning West África!
I just and to share his!

Insane Roots

I learned something about myself this weekend. A weakness that I didn’t know I had overcome and one that I never really wanted to admit to myself that I had.

When I was younger, I had such a need for acceptance and approval from those around me that many times, I would compromise myself in order to receive it. Of ‘course back then, I didn’t realize that the approval I was getting was in itself self defeating.

As transparent as it was, it is what I thought I needed.

I did not possess the self worth and confidence to stand up for myself. I held no courage when it came to telling others what they may not want to hear.

And when it came to relationships or men in general, I did not always say no. Even though, it was what I wanted to say.

This weekend, I was faced…

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#Celonarants ™

We live in a country where our young ladies who have recently attained the age of puberty cannot afford sanitary pads, but our men and women in public offices have ipads which they do not even know how to use.

Patrick L.O. Lumumba


We aren’t completely lost yet

Achebe beared witness

Adichie spoke further 

Understanding now preached unfairness 

As they dispatched togetherness 

And trampled on priceless happiness
They pointed at the heavily beard man

That slow hungry-eyed man

Belly filled with a nation’s torment

Mislead or misinterpreted

But a tool they used to fruition 

Ignited catastrophe on

Fore fathers who always considerate

In his ways knee only obedience.

Tears were shed; A lot!

For that long gone relative

Who thought and fought for a dawn

While I sit here now in complete conviction

That those birds of death

From evil forest of Soviet technology Should never have glided east

Aburi offered a truce I heard 

But greed and selfishness

Like a blind woman pacing the sidewalk 

Waited at the shores of the Niger 

With finger on trigger 

Did you conquer

Did he deliver promises made

As you unleashed terror on mothers and children

Air heavy with odours of diarrhea

Of unwashed children with washed-out ribs

All imagined family reunion at noon vanished.

No portrait on my wall

Of cordial hand shakes at dawn

As you were uneducated and influenced

While pride took him to place of rationalities.

While em subjugates were slaughtered.

Did you conquer

Did he deliver promises made

As they pray never to see a rebound 

Asking that a 2nd eastern holocaust is aborted.

But in flipping pages

And moving pictures bringing bare 

Don’t you feel a new type of pain?

As I observe an acrid stench 

Of crazy power hunt on all sides

Is injustice about to reoccur again.

Were there winners and heros then?

Will there be any now?

Will the shelling and bombardment 

User in a new type of crocodile smile?

As you decide to parade the python 

In a city at the height of sensitivity

Taking a slip of Faith?

Or working/walking on part of hate?

The story might be different this time.





Empathy and Insecurities!

The Name; Fame and Blame.

Would you still be you if em coast gets enlarged, with a few answers to “prayers” here and there?

Sincere pursuit or contradictions?

Are you asking too much or being modest?
Note; There is no light at the end of any tunnel; go ahead and be that freaking light they be expecting.
The mind of a deep thinker or complete rubbish, it all boils down to perceptions.
Are you making every single step count?
Kinging or Loosing?

Top of the morning West Africa.