Teaming up with my wife today (just like at night) has its perks

Ned Hickson!! Humorist!! Blogger!! …Your regular guy.
One of my favourite contestant in; A Star is Born Round VIII: Imitation of Life.
You could stop by his blog 😉

So I would doing reblogs on a platform where Expressions Meet Reality with a preferred style I tagged “ink on sheet”

Anything Creative, inspirational, Motivational, with an attitude of laying Bare truth and raw emotions is welcomed!
Let stretch hands of support and love together.

And if your preferred platform is facebook join us at #Okpere’s; Circle

For the new bloggers!
Please edit this post, and add ‘Celona’s Blog’ to your tag list and shoot the post again.. it helps you and me grow 😉


Ned's Blog

image As I mentioned in this morning’s post, for those of you following my pursuit of “Performer of the Year” in the the A Star is Born competition at The Public Blogger, this week’s round is a doubleheader in which I had the privilege of teaming up with my lovely wife.

For me, nothing as as good as when I can share it with her. Things are always better that way. And I’ll just leave it at that.

So, as much fun as it has been participating in this competition, having the chance to share the experience with her this week has been the best so far. The challenge for this round, which will determine the Final Two as we head into the last round next week, is called “Imitation of Life.” The objective being to demonstrate through words and a video, whether your art is an imitation of your…

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