Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind ~ Bernard M. Baruch As we finally decide to move this site to a much private and self hosted domain, there would be major changes! We would not be blogging for a while as weContinue reading “OVERREACHING!! {CHARLES OKPERE’S WRITING NICHE}”


*ITS JUST YOU* More and more we are being exposed to explicit theories on living in a world of illusion. living make-believe lives and at the same time wondering why there is still space for emptiness. The emptiness itself is an illusion of course, for we are more than we are able to comprehend. WeContinue reading “ITS JUST YOU!!”


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Here and there there and here every now and then every four years / they lie to us / there will be this there will be that mouth emitting promises and vows like a tired lover / federal lairs we are necessary crowds for such abasement


Traditions brings continuity to one’s existence, but this sort of continuity is precisely what has been increasingly lost throughout modernity ~ Lars Fr. H. Svendsen I got a tough question lately, from a very good friend, which actually kicked me hard, into land of flashbacks and rethinks. I good friend recently asked, “what are your intentionsContinue reading “CELONA’S BLOG (Real Ones)”


All thanks to  Harsh Reality and Erika, I have chosen partake in a challenge, a few would agree, speaks louder than words. CELONA’S BLOG  would hope you join the community, in shooting mind provoking pictures, and as OM would say ; “let’s make this fun. This might not be exactly what this two hero’s above intend to do. I chooseContinue reading “EXPRESSIONS IN STILL WORDS (photo challenge)”




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