Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist 

~Pablo Picasso

   It’s not like popular books.

How to become successful
It’s a personal test.
If any of us do it, it will definitely work.
There must be a distinction between courage and indiscretions.
I wish it would help: wavering, skeptical and deferred perceptions!
Read steps below!

I thank those who will take her seriously.

  •  Give more than you take
  •  begins to execute the most feared things
  • Sponsors others even who don’t matter to you. You carry the leader’s spirit even if no one follows you.
  • Continue to fight, even if your whole body is bleeding.
  • You stand in vain if your fate is in vain
  • Invest in yourself if the whole world doesn’t trust you
  • Don’t look for arguments but results
  • Don’t let petty details disrupt major tasks
  • You can defend your own point of view if everyone stands against her.
  • Don’t be ashamed to make mistakes, for she doesn’t look helpless and dull.
  • If you need to hurry, you have to hurry, even if you are out of breath.
  •  Be hard on yourself and gentle with the good guys but get tougher with the bastards and make it hard for them to predict your fate.
  • Don’t forgive a traitor and don’t trust language and don’t let anyone mistake you twice.
  • Give only one chance to being discribed as a smart ass
  • You respect your word, your promise and your dates and the race that’s in its execution.
  •  When it gets worse, don’t avoid and take responsibility for your actions.
  • Don’t compare you to a win-win after a victory.. Just keep moving towards your target.
  •  Depends on the size of a misstep and think about getting up before the fall.



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