Pragmatism et Confusion

Desperation from fear

Description so clear

Sickness of the average mate

Comes in all shapes and size

Creator of those massive holes

Squashing creativity’s constant rise

Impossiblities your strongest guard

“Utters” and “Words”

Becoming words and opposites

Darkness creating new sites

Light exhumed off the face of existence

Sights then set on what he shouldn’t be fighting

Pragmatism et Confusion

Desperation from fear

Suspicion before permission

Paralyzing that mind with a vision

Complacent behaviour became real mission

Mind numbingly routine

Distracting mind from important things


Pragmatism et Confusion

Adding value to obscurantism

Soul searching for freedom?

Set to the wind or thrown into sea

For he chose the highway

Of thoughts so random

All became heights he can’t imagine


Comparison and Desolation

He got em huge dreams

But fear got him with Mayweathers combo

Someone tell Floyd to drop em baggages

He is stacking up an archive of own acted films

While he should sacking reoccurring predicaments


Pragmatism et Confusion

He picked Fear before Triumph

Darkness before light

When nature lays bare

A sure promise of dawn

Of warm and sunny days

Littered with those colourful butterfly

Perfect scene bursting through after those long night

Of intense backwardness caused by fear.

*Written and Edited by Charles Okpere*






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