I believe we all have the right to choose regardless
As much as I believe in the union of a man and woman is true

As I also believe in the union of love merging with love

I believe in the growth of a tender process

One that has an inbuilt structure of truth

I believe in that man holding unto his Faith

Just to grasp a knowing bigger than him

I believe in the fight for purpose even in the “songs” from birds

Was anyone born wicked?

Even though a certain book points to us as certified born-sinners

But carriers of huge heartbeats regardless

And down deep he wants to be a practitioner of goodness

I believe in something

But not in the glorification of just one life amidst all

Not the wars fought for gains

But vision of a team of peace makers and truth mongers

Not in the hate of fellow man

Not the “sound judgement” of one man

I believe in something though

I believe in the awakening of man’s heart to realities surrounding him

I believe in man making choices from just one option 

That man’s fellow man should smile

I swear I do believe in something.




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