TALES OF A NATION 2 #MyNigeriaTheSeries



…In my beloved country it’s all about the sheer entrepreneurial will overcoming an array of many obstacles; its just certain that there would be a lot of obvious and basic obstacles for a continual and steady growth in a territory like the Nigerian environment..
…from an insensitive and crazy governance, to a type of rule that’s pretty consistent at keeping up with trends of corruption and crimes of all sort within the elite class; to lack of basics and simple amenities that should be available to ‘everyone’ on this soil an ethnic majority have easily made to look like it’s completely theirs.
I live in a country where a new government comes in and instead of sanitizing and setting things to balance, what we see is witch-hunting and display of narrow-mindedness.
Shouldn’t democracy be rather affordable and not unnecessarily intense?
Aren’t we tired of asking for a cabon-copy of what happens in other “sane” countries? What we are asking for is a community/economy that allows every single individual on our land the privilege  basics; basics that should encourages hard work and diligence in the average Nigerian youth.
But no! In Nigeria, the trends of politics and style of our given governance is unacceptable and way below per, compared to trends of countries not even far from our shores.
Nigeria somehow turned into a country where anyone can choose to play an obvious script, especially when you are in a position of power and authority.
Can someone please tell me who shouldn’t have the right to basic amenities in any given polity? like constant water for everyone and a good sewage system.
People!!. In my very own beloved country, especially in the eastern part of the country. We are forced to accept all types of governance, and the annoying one sided policies that is imposed on us.
Regardless the agenda that’s being used on us. As long as this leaders in power feel “legitimately elected”, we the people have no choice, other than; “adjust, adapt and survive”.
Most times the government of the day could be one that has completely forgotten it’s main and important responsibilities, combined with the fact that the country has an increasing population of very unhealthy and uneducated children.
…and within its four walls is a suffocating middle class and a very vivid poor standard of living for youths and fresh graduates, which I feel the whole world should have noticed by now, and not the unnecessary accolades our leaders get on a daily from men that have being funded well to stage a gullible audience.
I would choose not to go any further into details on how the decisions of the recent government is really biting hard on the pockets of over 75% of the general populace of my beloved country.
…watchout for #TheDissident!

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