“By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”  ― Eliezer Yudkowsky

FEMI KUTI #VisualsByCharles

FEMI KUTI #VisualsByCharles

Shelter tagged “House of Holy”
Shelve full of guru books
Rabi’s theology too
Home alter with melted wax and prayer beads
Even lotus legs, mantras and burnt incense
What is it that I really want?
Would this intense inbreeding bring God?
Or truth?
Repair to man’s broken state?

Has God gone so unavailable?
that I must obsessively perform all this rituals?
Does it not make you weary?

Has religion gotten to the point where it takes the peace away?
Should I auto transform into that which you preach?
Would this daily ritual be the reason I carry a positive spirit?
one that should enrich the next man?
Must I think like you to have a solid ground?
Would you ease all the pain if I “just follow you”?
Can your leash lead me to the gates my spirit long for
‘Cos it’s making me feel isolated at this very point in time.

This does not feel like fun as usual
I got smart because I had to
Religion made me seem fake and sick at the same time
Making my produce seem substandard
and that isn’t the me I even envision

As you teach power in humility
and Joy in meekness
but your actions that of a hustler.

I was given one mind, soul and spirit
Just like you
But you spotted faults in mine
which auto makes you the leader and I the follower

But I just long for a “good friend”
and not a spiritual godfather

I wish I had a gentle companion
not a holy commander
As I long to be sane but also a practitioner of goodness
I would never wish for this cage of “big gains”
I long to be stupid and make the little mistakes
that leads me to the very steps of rich human values
I might make mistakes yeah!
but surely ones that make my growth a safe one
not compulsorily a sane one

What happens if death brings your empire to a premature collapse
for you are human as well
and nothing special is assured
good people die too
more often than the “bad” ones
See me not a practitioner of bad vibes
only just a truth monger

What answers should be then given to an ever expectant audience?

Weary grow I with your perfect control
Which leads to an ocean full of huge Can’ts
and a platform of a hidden and wrathful God
Makes me even more rebellious
For all I want is to be lead the path of a loving Father and friend

I am in search of a new reality
but not a new identity nor ideology
reason I let go of this man-made avenues to God
As I discovered our creator is all around me
Within me
in you too when you let go of the hold of religion

I want to be down to earth
Not filled with the aura of feeling too special like you taught
I let go of all rehearsed intelligent
and officially embracing stupidity
If within it lies; the way, the truth and life.
I can’t lose God my friend
for everything He created represents him in a way.
We just have to learn how to connect
His glory is always somewhere waiting to reach me and you.

…WATCH OUT FOR #TheDissident



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