Often it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be~Heath L. Buckmaster


“Young and Inexperience” they would always refer to me and my kind. The exact reason I think there would always be discrepancies in-between sentences I love to use when expressing life in inked words.
Well, it’s only your listening ears and sound judgements I intend to capture. I am not concerned with comparisons between your existence and my experiences.
You don’t tickle my fancy each time you completely ignore the little a few of us has to say because it unsettles your stand on how humanity should be treated.
Being watching the news lately and the collection of incidents and events that has being presented to my eyes and ears is what I have chosen to tag “obvious stupidity of humanity”

Not up to a month; we were somewhat joined together in one accord; holding hands in oneness just because of the little treat from natural catastrophes, storms and heavy magnitude earthquakes, that threatened just a little fraction of our small world; I thought this brought us to a reasonable stand on “love” and “care” for each other, not having to bother about ‘man-hunting-man’ …when the coast seems to be a little bit clear; what we then get from each other is complete hate; humans inflicting pure terror on one another and then going ahead to making claims for some certain gods …because you somehow believe only you get to understand the definition of ‘wrong’ and only you knows how to eradicate ‘wrong’ from the surface of the earth, you feel you could inflict terror right? …and the best way you go about it is wiping off innocent loving people from the surface of the earth because they choose to live free like the rest of their kind.

Is questioning my worth really important? Why should it be? Does evil exist outside of man or does man attract evil because he chooses to be happy and face his business,
or is it that man can’t just tolerate the fact that we all can NEVER be the same colours, abiding to similar culture, tradition and ethical devotions.
Does man ever become so immersed in evil that he moves beyond the possibility of redemption?

At what point would sentiments and bigotry that has made a few of us practitioners of mediocrity be set aside? Why kill an innocent man, just to pass across a message?
Take a look at; The Northern part of Nigeria(Borno), Eastern part of Nigeria(Biafra) Northern part of Mali, Cities in Gabon, The Russian plane gunned down, bombings in Turkey, complete chaos in Syria, Constant threat from ISIS and it’s affiliates. It goes on and on …and you ask yourself; where did love go to? Why so much hate and fight over issues that does not have a concrete definition?

Why the bombing and shelling of innocent children and nursing mothers? Why inflict fear on the quite and peaceful lives of happy people with possible attack on their lives with poisonous gasses?


Hedris Afolabi: Old debate goes on and one, still unanswered dark deeds still abound. Can good exist side-by-side with evil and neither be unchanged by the other?

As I ponder these and other unanswerable questions that should lead humanity to live on and not just exist alone; In the end I renew my pledge to serve, without compromise the values that uplift humanity and mankind, trusting that this world of ‘duality’ serves a Divine purpose, even at the end of my stay on it.
I don’t think I have to always repeat an obvious fact, but I would on this special occasion; We don’t live in a world that is slit into two halves, we are brothers that should be watching each others back; stop questioning my worth and let’s try build empires together. I am not better than you so please stop trying to prove to me how you could be better than me in every way.

Life; Very simple I feel it should be, but this complications I see aren’t nature but hand works of humanity itself. Would there be solutions? Would there be peacemakers? Would there be live-savers and lots of humorist and people that make us laugh instead of the unnecessary tears?





© 2016 CelonaCharles


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