Love doesn’t make the world go ’round; love is what makes the ride worthwhileShannon L. Alder

Was having this long talk with a few new friends; on best ways to making the ladies feel secured and assured, without spending too much time; running mouth and making promises we never get to keep.

No, this isn’t about where to kiss her, and different ways to touch her body. We talked about achieving this without ever laying a finger on her. I am of the opinion, every man should possess a few physical attributes, which I feel plays a big role in generating attraction with an opposite sex …and here are 5 “rules” I feel could truly have an impact on the lady’s heart. 😉


Those Small Smiles #Priceless


I won’t rate myself here but I can say I try as much as possible to stay informed, so I don’t get cut off guard, when my senses are needed to solve little hitches in the presence of the lady.
For a lot of women, a smart man is a sexy man Period! Knowledge is power, and it can definitely intrigue a woman. Having the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation can have a very positive effect on a woman in ways you never thought. Believe me brad.



I try to be fair, always fair in tough and tight situations. I don’t seek to impress anyone, I always go with my “godly” instinct.
When you do something considerate, and the lady is somehow involve, that can make the lady feel special. And that can sometimes materialize into a greater attraction.

Being mindful of her feelings and doing small gestures to show her you’re thinking about her can easily win you some points. You’re pouring into her emotionally and that makes her much more receptive to you.


I try not to sing it as a song but try imagine a man without foresight; no different from a monkey roaming right?
Be passionate about what you really know how to do, stay sure and stay focused.
A man with no aspirations and no drive can be a huge turn off for a woman. Having passion rolling on the wheel of purpose can really attract. It gives off the energy of a man who is about handling his business, and a woman loves to see that.


…and Gabor Dvonik at it again


Well I know how to use words.. so that’s easy for me.. I hit my point straight on, with few words..
Most women (if not all) are not turned on by a man they view as too soft and passive. Knowing how to be assertive and putting your foot down at the right time (in the right way), can cause that woman to melt right before your eyes. That doesn’t mean go out and behave like an a-hole, or treat her like she is beneath you. It just means stand strong, handle your business, and demand respect. If she can’t respect you, then she won’t have a desire for you.


Hey!! I am not a rich fella people, but I try staying modest with the dress-code. I think confidence would have to come in here. If I really like what I wear, you can’t tell me nada!

Even though men tend to be more superficial than women, don’t be fooled. She is paying attention, and she too wants something nice to look at. It doesn’t mean you need to have expensive clothes or flashy jewellery. Simply learning how to present yourself as well put together can do wonders. Know how to rock a suit, and that casual outfit. Don’t forget a nice pair of shoes. A lot of women are looking at your shoes whether you realize it or not.

Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably~William Shakespeare

I got your back brads  forever 😉



© 2017 Celonacharles




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