“Everything’s gonna be alright.”
Alicia Keys


Anticipation #VisualsByCharles

Ok!! they said ‘the best things in life are free’
The reality of mans state is real aswell
Cruel and tantrum in his pursuit for happiness
Few strong words given might changes his perception
perhaps all gratification gone with the wind
As I just cant find her

Something new has come over you
The old you was sweet taste to self
The new you still needs nourishment and growth
Nothing forces you to imbibe
this strong words given
But the ‘new’ in you just accepts and imposes
Instant results already eminent

But you still feel that space
Asking and begging to be occupied
Is that the old?
Is the new asking to be engaged
And you hear that voice again
“The best things in life are free”
Then the conclusion sets in
Almost as immediate as the question is ask
“You belong here”

resounds in your head

Would you do it without physical consciousness
Letting the ‘new’ lead
HE should occupy that space
There is peace at the end of the tunnel

Fulfillment takes a new assignment
Now I know
The truth is simple
Only for the fact that
Common sense aint that common!!



*COPYRIGHT* 2017 @celonacharles


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