Gasping at Words

I was kind and shared/followed you on almost all your pages.. you are are an amazing writer..
Hope you see reasons to follow back šŸ˜‰
Do have a great weekend ahead;-)

Gripping Black

Writing eludes me lately.
Words lick my earlobes as they whisper wishes to me,
wishes I cannot pen
out of fear?
out of right and wrong?
because of you?

Words bait me into happenstance circumstances
of awkward glances and tongues almost dancing
as lips skirt around the obvious.
Words see me bold, brave and abashedly stupid
when they come out in grunts and broken pants.

Poetry begs me to return between the sheets
and I can only remember when the nights werenā€™t so cold
and I still ached to be held by you.
Now with frost bite on my lips I sit distanced,
unable to stroke the surface as wickedly as I used to with pen snug between fingers adept.

Itā€™s terrible,
having all these words behind my lips
aching to come out
even though they will make no differenceā€¦

I scream silently and rip pages that havenā€™t been writtenā€¦

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