Conviction is worthless unless it is converted into conduct Thomas Carlyle


Lies they told us …and many intelligent Nigerians believed this, don’t underestimate the intelligence of many Nigerians

What crime would I say I actually committed, all I did was chose what I really love to do. Society has always had this very special way, of putting man into a space of acquiescence. A position man never decides to choose, with his God’s given rights …but why?
Society goes ahead, to using confusion to cut man into bits, at the same time, it wants every single piece of cadaver it chops off, to be very functional at every single tax it shoots at man.

Even with how annoying that sounds, I would still say this; Society’s tactics in sucking man dry, off his potentials and depriving him from a well deserving old age can never be self explanatory to me, except the “wise ones” do justice to my huge questions on this topic.

I figured society has always being the same, right from the first community on planet earth, if not this stereotypical facet, would have soften at some point, “man just can’t change the mentality of a fooled crowd”, it seems society has more ignorant individuals on its side, so we are all forced to follow, without any sprout of resistance residing even on the inside.
What’s really painful; is when family and “real friends”, who should be there to share in my mental wars and daily battles – to keeping dreams alive, choose to turn their back on my struggles and then joins the crowd in making my salient potentials look like mirage and one silly lustful pursuit.


…but I have to still say is; “dreams would always be dreams, till they they take bold steps into reality.
I guess every man that have this same experiences as me, should join me in holding unto convictions and those unseen assurance that keeps him going and waxing strong.

Lately, words like “disobedience” “rascal” “self-relaint” “independent”, have being practically thrown at me, as if I am actually headed for doom …and I am thinking, are those the very words, needed to sending am man to that “abysmal” point of stardom?

Well, I do care for my family, loved ones, well-wishers and hard-hitters as well.
I also do care about my happiness and long term relaxation in actualizations with plenty of fulfillments.
I would choose to respect every codes of conduct but Hey!, I won’t be pulled by a leash to, accepting every single code of conduct.

Someone once said; “Every brother-man, is the architect of his own successes and failures.
But I state; “The failures I acquired, could actually be the stepping stone to successes no other man ever phantom.
I choose to stay strong, fight for life with highly inspired decisions, you could fault this decisions at your own peril.

My convictions are the oil that keeps the engine running, you could either join our crew-ship or abandon ship completely. No one, within this space we own, would ever fault us.
I choose to live on, heads up high in complete focus.
All I need you to do when you stop by; drop your words of encouragement or just keep moving and act like I never existed to you, either ways, let’s keep growing in peace and oneness.


We are all humans and it’s true, each one of us owns hard felt convictions, we should all be joining hands together to fight our demons, and fight alongside our angels but if you think different, I would choose to leave you with your thoughts. What’s certain is that; “some men aren’t meant to be happy always because they are meant to be great someday.


If you call this “writing to make self justifications”
I think you guessed right
I stay true to my thoughts and experiences ~


© 2016 CelonaCharles



  1. Yes, never go against your convictions. Of course they can change over time and with our development, experience and insights. But whatever we feel inside is our truth and therefore always the starting point for our journey (or the continue of it). Realizing that makes us tolerant for everybody’s unique conviction.

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