Rocky Foundation 

…and another WOOOOOOW for the weekend..
I had to share 😉

BeautifullyAbstrackk POETRY

My mind so furiously held

emotion stacked on top of emotion

Devotionally beaten by life’s everyday tests

Holding on to baggage and causing more stress

Tested and tried but failed miserably

Visibly controlled by circumstances

head weighing heavy And left with no more chances

Trying to get up and stay steady but still my mind wieghs heavy

Do I stay and lye here in defeat

Dwelling on past events that had me beat

No positive solution in sight…

Harder to see in the dark

And my vision even blurry in daylight

Pebbles fall slowly

Landing directly on my shoulders

Crowds my mind with heavy thoughtz unable to stablize

Its only a matter of time before I realize. ..

My foundation has be compromised

Written By: Shantinque Sims ©

Free your mind, for it is your biggest asset in Growth!

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