Every artist was first an amateuRalph Waldo Emerson

NO APOLOGIES to anyone that accuses me of always wanting to jumble too many thoughts in one post/page.

It’s just funny, how this “perfect writers” have described a few of us as nuisance and distraction to a community of “polished people”.

I am completely certain, that every single writer on planet earth, wants to be loved by all, including you; self proclaimed judges of “great art”..

You could be our guest still or jump into spam. #EnoughSaid

Hope we having a lovely day fam..

It’s really tough right now in this part of Nigeria!

…but I choose to Stay Happy!!


© 2016 CelonaCharles


19 thoughts on “NO APOLOGIES

  1. Do not lower your level to engage in this. Don’t bite the bullet.
    Many writers are swallowing a bitter pill down their gullet.

    Patience talented youth, no need to shoot the arrow.
    Don’t you know, many writers their skills they did borrow.

    Many need a book to learn how to write.
    Many do not know how with literary to fight.

    There are too many cultures where people need books to learn.
    Many naturally talented writers are way above these and they earn.

    The snobs of writing are in fear of ‘their’ world.
    Writing is for everyone, we all have our story to be told.

    The ‘stiff’ style of writing of some writers out there.
    Is only because they are filled with so much fear.

    Imagination, thinking and doing different things.
    They cannot comprehend ‘out of the box’ and how to fly with wings.

    Sharing of information and empowering others concentrate on this theme.
    Wasting time on the ‘usual’ down feelings of others will not stop you from being supreme.

    Pass on my message and keep uplifted.
    You have a talent, keep sharing with others and the gifted.

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  2. If you have a voice, the passion, and the discipline it takes to learn, the rest will follow.

    There are technicians and there are artists; history makes that call.

    ( gee, I wonder if I should have used a semicolon in that second sentence…)

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  3. Wow! A distraction to a community of “polished people”?

    Who says stuff like that? It actually makes “him” sound very insecure about losing “his” audience. But then, I wonder why a perfect writer would worry about us amateurs.


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