My love is made out of three things: the dawn, the sunrise, and redundancy. I poured you two glasses, which can easily and efficiently be drunk out of one cupJarod Kintz



Just when I thought it’s already late

The mystery was revealed

The point when a knowing pops up

And chooses stays forever

The point when I saw the sunrise

Just when I thought it was too late

I awoke to the wonder of “passionate”

And then to the wonder of an improved me

Just when I thought it was too late

The mystery was revealed

Revealed on a plateau of reality

Don’t tag this “long overdue” I beg of you

For there have been moments in this very existence

I felt flashes of glory’s presence with such clarity

Which has made my act of hope a spectacular one

Hope of not ever standing frozen in time

Frozen and locked up in a Force beyond delineation and explanation

And at the same time, one without description of “how we got here”

The wishes has always being to ease into victory

Painting my face on the surface of history

And owning an archive of painted pictures of “the reality came by”

How I treasure these gifts given

Even though I know not how to utilize it all

Well I never seek to figure them out on my own

For this gifts are like the rainbows

found at unexpected times

I am not sure of what actually happened

All I know is I moved into a pure awareness

At just the right moment

Having a renewing of spirit

With a huge lift to a higher point.

I kneel in silent awe at the awesomeness of this SUNRISE

For the time was right and the day was here


© 2015 CelonaCharles


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