…and I w reading and I came across this and thought it was just right to share 😉

Hope ya’ll have a great day ahead and look forward to #TheDissident

Excerpt from the Revised Edition of ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – Keith Harrell

“We are not permanently burdened with the baggage of our pasts. We can leave that luggage behind. It’s OK to clean out the suitcases and take the good stuff that wears well the happy memories, the hard-earned experiences, the lessons learned, the joy of a first love. But the rest of it–the sad times, the loneliness, the broken heart, rejection, fear–you don’t need that emotional baggage. It can only mess up your attitude and your life. Leave it on the doorstep of the past, and step into the future. History does not have to repeat itself, not if you adjust your attitude by turning away from the doors that are closed and walking through the doors that are opened to opportunity.”


Books ‘n Growth



*copyright* 2016 @celonacharles


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