You start to live when you commit your life to cause higher than yourself. You must learn to depend on divine power for the fulfillment of a higher callingLailah GiftyAkita


It’s not in the fierce looks, its in the passion bra! You already heard!! #Celonarants!!


There could be too many things to attend too
In an adventure seeking being
One I represent
With an ever moving thought
Searching for inspiration turn creativity
Unshaked by disillusion of ongoing events

Taking this time to pause
Ruminating on events of the past
And how you chose me still
Regardless the roaming mind man possesses
That one you and I abhor
One they never represent

Would I say you don’t exist
A concurrent repeat of fear
Even as your affections lays bare
As you never allowed my mistakes consume you
Our experiences points to HIS selfless watch over us
Yet I still bother a little more

I do believe in IT still
With an absolute certainty
Even in times of crunching recession
When all thing else seems to be an option
There remains still a knowing
A knowing that nothing can take down

Yes, I believe in IT
IT’S love fills my soul still
Even when fantasies of emptiness consumes
Choosing a step ahead of “empty dreams”
As your light illuminates me
Merging my thoughts with “blessed trinity”

All this time I held unto possibilities
Only you knew what was possible
I now fall into your being
That one that represents perfection
That stays clear resentments and tantrums
I become IT

Becoming you in truism
Making me take on strides beyond me
Giving me reason to accept challenges
Even the ones that looks like death
For the ultimate challenge
Is avoiding a regret filled coffin

We gave it a shot, we choose to grow



© 2016 CelonaCharles


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