I love like a leaf in the wind. Please, hold your applause until the end of the performance (the last day of fall) – Jarod Kintz


He was of the opinion that the world is an open stage
Every man having the right to put up a spectacle
Playing that character he knows best
With less scheming and less tension but yet an actor.

Behind the stage is a strangely benevolent supervisor
Indifferent in his ways yet directs with perfect precision,
The arena contains an expectant audience
Charged with furious anticipation
Just one man in-between two expectant sides
Eager to suppress his tensed aura
Including bad vibes from both angles of the hall.

Who is bound to suffer?
The giver or the receiver
The point when the dust in the air is suspended
And all confidence and pride seems to be messed up
All that’s available is pressure that could make man feeble
But he braves it all with steady readiness to perform
With a salient question in his heart


When would everything be revealed and correctly balanced?
Even when the stage performer can’t feel any single emotion
A point where there are no responses from deep within him
Would there be pressure on him even when he is seems strong?
Or would he be given a fair chance to perform?

The awakening is happening right before him
The crowd cheer again and again with the euphoria of expectations
He had read the script over and over again
Karma, Heaven or Hell, Justice, Death Sentences, War
All part of the storyline he was to act.

Would he welcome “any” manifestation that goes through him?
Or would he ignore that “divine” embrace
And act all he has always known and felt around him
His main aim was to reach out to those who are willing to receive
The performer wasn’t just there to entertain.

Tied up in a neat package of religion he always knew
He tries to make sense of the incomprehensible
To avoid drowning in that stage freight
Rest assured this feeling was just only for that intense moment.


By the time the show was all over
And the curtain fell before him
He sat down right there in the dark of his thought
Face-to-face with the one who sponsored the “opportunity given”
He wasn’t going to ask any more questions
All he wanted to know is how her performed.

Ironically it was now the wee hours of the morning
All he kept asking himself repeatedly was “WHY”
Waiting for the voice of the one who sent him
Would he get a tap on the back?
Would he get a map for the next track?




© 2015 CelonaCharles


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