If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anythingMark Twain


#TheDissident premiers this fall 😉


The secret of great deception
is all in the truths told.
Which is so seldom heard
That few will recognise it.

A society looking for faults at the top
When the next man does not understand what good loving is

More lies told to ease what exactly?
Why choose to make the divide a huge one
Even when we know all me are not perfect

I marvel at how often lies are told
Even when it seems to serve
no purpose at all
Not even for humanity’s sake

One of the most dramatic
changes I made in my life
was not to openly declare that
I would no longer lie

The backlash still astounds
me 5 years later
But it’s all for a good purpose yeah
For greater benefit?

I can’t tell actually

I might not confidently say for sure

Do I ever lie? Well….
almost never.
But even if I do slip
One in once in awhile

I can assure you that
not lying will change
your way of viewing
your life in many ways

It just complicates things

Try be me more truthful often fam
No lies, not even
those little white ones

It just complicates everything

Stay true to yourself



© 2015 CelonaCharles


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