You don’t get explanations in real life. You just get moments that are absolutely, utterly, inexplicably odd – Neil Gaiman


RONALDINHO the Brazil legend

One ugly truths for young minds today is that, technology has completely consumed us and ultimately deceived us.
Social networks has provided us with a way of searching for a certain kind of validation from individuals we “feel” has an edge over us and so we adamantly hold on to the window the Internet gives us as an escape route.

Now I am wondering why you have chosen to seek the approval and admiration of others; stupidly editing your day-to-day lives, just to appear better than it really is; You get threatened and feel below per each time you allowed yourself get carried away by the glitz and glamour of other people’s life and you deliberately do that on a daily basis.
Stupid!! Isn’t it?

Why do you constantly lie to yourself and pretend that you are cooler than you really are, when you can clearly see that’s the trend you have being fixed into, but you fail to recognize the lie; and that’s completely normal to us? It’s just funny and it’s funny because that really stupid!!

After you have dived into the trends of lies and fakery, you then build a colony down there; the obvious certainly creeps in; Fear of not living up to expectation; Afraid to live; afraid to die; afraid to get hurt; afraid to hurt others; scared of failures, even scared of successes; scared of getting stuck in an unfriendly zone; scared of doing nothing at all; scared of over doing everything. Then we graduate to the next stage; scared of ourselves, scared of others and the decisions others take; scared of rationalizing; scared of being practical and real; scared of over-intellectualizing and ultimately; not knowing when to hold back and wait for the right moment and right place.


See!! We are all characters in a never ending fantasy movie. Why do we fail to grasp the simple fact that real life is always just somewhere outside the “concealed” room you purposely choose to stay in, while you could always open that door and stay in the real world, where your air is fresh and decision-taking are solely in your hands and not what the Internet brings home.

“Real life” should be about being aware of your immediate environment; about humanity and it’s constant need; about real people and the fact they exist in the same world as you and are open to same opportunities as you …some brought into a great life others into awful ones. Lucky for the lucky ones. But what of those who had a terrible time – bullied or abused, terrorized or a narcissist’s object, unloved or abandoned, and so on …the funny truth is that; WE ALL HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES!! Regardless the stage you find yourself on.

Real life should be about real experiences; about those genuine experiences; not those made-up thoughts in the head, formed from the nonsense we are exposed to on a daily, even while you are still in a comfort zone.
Selfies and “likes” on instagram, should never take the space of real live struggles and experiences. Real life should be about getting broken and coming out all fixed-up somehow; it’s about not counting the many wounds and dwelling on a pathetic attempt to gathering as many nods as possible from people who secretly go through the same pain as you.
Real life should be about consistently building confidence and discipline, with patience always hanging around somewhere, regardless where nature puts you.

It isn’t about feeding your ego with other people’s misplaced admiration, for a fake life you seem to always present to them
“Real life” is all about staying true to yourself, being who you want to be, only for the fact that; that’s who you want to be and not because you want anyone to like what you are becoming.
Real life shouldn’t be about clever ways of manipulating people into fulfilling our bank of desires. Go out there, with a purpose of finding out what it is that you really want for yourself and work with it till it works for you. No like buttons, no delete buttons. It’s real life and apparently, it’s all about changing things, if you don’t like it and it does not help in your daily development.


Caption This!!   Social media has become an outlet for cowards to let-out; you shouldn’t allow that to confuse you, stay focused on being real and true to your experiences and struggles, as an individual in a very big world full of unnecessary pandemonium.

Enjoy the process and never at any point should you become obsessed with the positive result of being real to yourself. Pretending to be something other than yourself would make you miss out on so much; taking a huge amount of mental effort to keep on a mask. At the end, that mask would undoubtedly fall off.





© 2016 CelonaCharles


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