There is no sinner like a young saintAphra Behn



My fear lies in lack of awareness of the other side

Prophets, illuminated beings
saints, masters, gurus.
Are these special souls
Walk among us mortals
Showing us how to live and be
By their presence do we survive
By their words lighting our path
With their energy of love
And life of example?

Beings of darkness are still there
Lingering near and whispering
Lies and empty promises?
Tempting us to follow their path
To mansions made of woe and sadness

Everyday I am meant to deliberately choose
Who to follow
Because again and again.
Before the rooster crows
We must decide who we choose and follow
Who we want to be
What kind of life we did love to accept

For the rest of our eternity
Beckons on what we chose and followed
I am no instructor or guardian
Just that salient voice
In-between two real worlds



© 2016 CelonaCharles


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