Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you ~Sarah Dessen

Visuals by #Celonarants™

Visuals by #Celonarants™

Around the perimeter he keeps his watch with no noise.

Making sure all things are in order and protected from “all” loss.

He does his best at his post and cares less about all inevitable hovering around

His travels and moves across any terrain has put him in a position ready for the worst.

Keeping an eye on his superiors valued morals and agendum that has stood a test of time.

A right hand man who learnt the trade of reporting to those he gets orders from; as his knowledge on integrity inept.

Try turning Lonely times to Alone time.. #Celonarants™

Try turning Lonely times to ‘Alone time’.. #Celonarants™

Would he choose to walk all the way in loyalty till the day he is meant to rest.

Would he choose to only talk less because he was asked to listen more?
‘cos I noticed He turned dependable only when necessary.

Keep moving your feet young soldier or you will be missing when the “action” needs you more.

The regular smile on his face, makes him not an unreasonable man in a practically unreasonable world.

…to the point his real intent for fighting comes to bare when he drops the weapon and stretches a hand of care.

‘cos in his mind was a vision never to stoop any low to consent to haters and their energy sucking vibes.

March on young soldier!! March On!! #Celonarants™

March on young soldier!!
March On!!

He has sworn not to fight for the code of conduct but for the man fighting side by side with him.

You can’t help but admire a man that knows how to keep it sane even in the face of a heated war.




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