Forget about being impressive and commit to being real. Because being real is impressiveJonathan Harnisch

...and the question is never 'who am I?' It's 'who do I want to be? Dianna Hardy

…and the question is never ‘who am I?’ It’s ‘who do I want to be?

My intense anticipation on meeting ‘like minds’ is beginning to go out of hand, and I feel it’s something I should really put under control. In real life happening and my ever growing virtual community; more than try to connect and meet very intelligent intellectuals, my foresight is actually set on “complicated but real” individuals.

I heard someone talk about “Real People” and it’s one topic that sort of gets me agitated, because the truth be told; I rarely see my own type of people; those confident lads, the ones that are ready to speak the “gospel truth” on every given ground; those ones that would passionately live a life that completely depicts the words that comes out of their mouth..

…the few “real” ones remaining, I call them; the last of a dying breed existing in a world that desperately needs not just a *preachy and conscious crowd around us but individuals that would tell explicit truths about their own lives.

I want to see all the similarities and differences there is. The ones that we share. I crave to hear opinions and thoughts that merges with mine; not creating unnecessary arguments but solutions at a first utterance. To see what we both love and how we would both react when find out we feel the same thing damn thing.
I want to know everything that they are afraid to let out, the ones that makes them cry alone at night. I want to see everything they are afraid to let everybody see. Because those vulnerable, insane, and real parts of them are the most beautiful things that the “real ones” deserve to learn from.

I love seeing the “real” in people around me. Why should I be concerned with the face you put on for the outside world to see? I have only shown interest in every basic intentions for the betterment of “like minds”. I feel small individual steps like this, is what builds a better and peaceful world around them us.

The terror, the fear, Nigeria! Brussels! Paris, Yemen, Syria, South Sudan.
I do not care who you are, I don’t care who they actually know, where they have been to, what they have being through or where they are from.
I want to know how those tough situation they have experienced, shaped them into who they are now, and what they hoped they would become as time flies. I am interested in knowing what this “real” people do/did to reach the point they are in now, what they have gotten/achieved from meeting other “real” people with other intentions tied around taking lives than giving a single life.
What thought process makes them scared or bold when they encounter life changing situations and scenarios. Like that soft-spoken missionary who escaped two different terror attacks in two different country.

I want to meet this people that manoeuvred their way to victory, when they actually felt that all hope was going to go with the wind, I am really interested in knowing how this ones fought on and on, even when they had nothing to spur their almost faded faith unto grounds of courage and strength.

What did they did When you felt they had got nothing left that should make them stand on their two feet and fight on. They were periods when their heads was barely above water level;

did they do something far from the norm or did they still follow that trend that lead them into stormy weathers?

When this ones I really look up to felt that life’s wasn’t fair, did they still take steps of real matured men or did they follow the footsteps of senseless fools and practitioners of devalued mediocrity?

When all they wanted to do was crawl under their blanket and cry, did they still fight on. With clenched teeth and terrifying moments on the horizon, did they take ample time to fight the pain gotten from this moments that did bring tears, anger and bitter remorse?

I would always appreciate the fact that they chose to tarry on, buying time that they knew wouldn’t be given twice. The fact they understood that the only true thing about life is that it goes on regardless the numerous good/bad they encounter on a daily basis. They weren’t stupid when they agreed with their ancestors that time had a major factor “It keeps moving forward”, never waiting for no one.

Were this “real” ones predisposed to little facts on how life really works and what it takes to maintain a sound survival instinct regardless the many tantrums and major test life placed on their part?


YEAH!! I’m odd like that

Wait!! Did they go all the way even when they knew all the hustle and the daily grind wouldn’t offer all the result that looked out for? Did they actually forge ahead and face their own business, even when realities around the next man was all they wanted for themselves?

Right before my wandering eyes, I heard “outsiders” try to lecture this “real” ones on the only ways they were going to survive. But did they stay true their stand in the face of numerous suggestions they got from clueless individuals that would always parade themselves as ‘top dogs’?

Would the “real” ones teach me how to go all the way no matter what? ‘cos I might have my own understanding of ‘complex circumstances’ but I have always had a picture of who a “real” successfully entity is …one that flew on the wings of self-belief and had a firm grip on confidence; like it was a spear, ready to be thrown at a target.

Who says nothing is truly impossible in this age. I really don’t understand why this “real” ones believe they can always do all things. I bet you would hear them say it over and over again in almost all their actions until there’s no more room for fear or doubt. They kept making me feel I can do it too without a single word uttered to me directly. “Nothing’s truly impossible” I swear I started repeating those words subconsciously until it became “my thing”

When I felt impervious to my actions or pleas for help. The “real” ones taught me never to give up, never retreat, and always ready to fight back. They taught me picking up myself and trying again should be like – action and reaction. I learnt how to fight back and not run away.
I overheard one of them say “don’t let yourself be paralysed by fear” so I chose to Fight still, with all the odds and chances given 😉

Everyone has a level of depth. I like to see how deep they can go. How real they could still be even when majority of the people around them would diligently celebrate emptiness and make it look like they have it all.

What is the truest version of this person? What is real? What are they putting on for show? What makes them tick? What makes them bask in the euphoria of confidence even when they have nothing to show from all the chance they have being given? Do they have passions? What are their fears? What size of glory would the king’s crown on their head pull down?

I want to learn about them. I want to know more of this kind of people, ‘cos I feel they are my kind of people. They don’t need your validation to stay strong, they just know staying strong is a necessity. I want to see the madness, and the insanity inside of them. What makes them thick even in the face of numerous crisis.

They taught me that; there’s no first place or second place in the journey of life. No rewards or diplomas for realistic or insane moves made. Just choices. And those choices will either echo throughout the ages of time or turn to dust the moment they leave this platform where expressions created from reality of a mixed humanity could either make or Mar a grown man.

Real People or Mediocrity; it all boils down to an individual’s ability or inability to turn instances and events to sweetest devotion for your unborn child.
For me, it should be all about legacies your every footstep leave on the sand of time.

ou have fun at the cool kids table. I prefer my spot over here with the real people. Dan Pearce

you have fun at the cool kids table. I prefer my spot over here with the real people. #VisualsByCharles #Celonarants!!






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  1. Real People or Mediocrity….

    I’m not sure I understand the dichotomy here or even if that dichotomy is needed.

    But I do understand the intention of your post and the desire to become a ‘true’ self.

    For me the path to this ever shifting ‘true self’ is paved with painful facts, for you the way may be different.

    But the one universal is that one must be open to all things, including the mediocrity that is often a person’s best effort in the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

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