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“If you believe in what you are broadcasting, and if you can accept the fact, any potential disappointment or failing will not break you, before you even start, then you can become a better blogger. No fear is more than a tagline and do away with anonymous, be proud you are asking questions, and extend the courtesy of respect by offering your name.” – #KP

The Neighborhood

I know what I know
and what I don’t know,
I will find out.
– thepublicblogger

Ask thepublicblogger

Topic of the Day: Blogging
written & edited by Kendall F. Person
ask thepublicbloggerDear thepublicblogger: What makes a story interesting to you? – Tam NG

Dear Tam NG:  When I was younger, it was genre that drew me in, until one year – when I was a little older – I stepped outside my comfort zone and found reading to be wildly entertaining, and only the dullest of books would stop me from finishing the story. Now, I start reading a post or story for whatever reason: but to answer your question: What makes a story interesting to me? The writing style.

Do the words flow and the ideas work and does the theme build, and the climax – does it force a gasp. Fiction or non, long story or short, poem or…

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