Would Christ be the perfect running mate to General Muhammadu Buhari, A Known Islamic Power House ?

I just had to share this again..



I understood, then, where his madness had come from: He, too, had experienced the loss of the good and the victory of the evil..Douglas Clegg

Once more I dabble into talking deeper issues, concerning the hidden event behind the scene of the political arena of my beloved country Nigeria.


I live in a country where the biggest opposition to the Ruling party, lead by an islamic strong hold has chosen to use the body of Christ as a work-tool …what I really don’t understand is how Christians have become so so gullible, choosing to play along …whilst the intelligent few sit on the fence and choose to watch in silence, to maintain a ‘safe’ spot.

I somehow understand those who believe that ministers of the gospel of christ should be devoid of an opinion on political issues …not to talk about being…

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