The Things I Haven’t Said.

Just see the passion she puts into scribbling words.
Don’t stop writing Miss Maryam..



I haven’t posted anything about Orlando, though it has hurt me, because no one deserves to die, and it horrifies me that people say LGBT people deserve to die, are these people even listening to themselves? Just because I like girls and boys, it doesn’t mean I deserve to die, what type of a sick person thinks that? My heart hurts, though I feel no sadness personally because death never makes me feel sad, I have not a clue why, most probably because I didn’t know these people personally, maybe because I’m so used to hearing death on the news all the time, our world is becoming such a hateful place. I despise being human sometimes. Love will always win over hate. I believe in Love.

A lot has happened today, even though I thought it would be uneventful,

A local MP died after being shot today, a shock…

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