Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing ~ Muhammad Ali


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Own your turf!! #Celonarants™

Own your turf!! #Celonarants™

31. They vehemently guard their reputation by running their lives and careers with compassion, empathy, and strong ethics. (So be honest–always.)

My Take: Regardless all the inevitables. This ones would “always” stand for what they believe in. They are extremely convinced that their adept thoughts and standards should always be considered as the first preceding factor in major decision taken; decision that might affect their lives positively or negatively. The third party’s opinions and influences is always at its relegated post.
Words of the critique are taken to cognisance but most times are of no value.

32. They think several steps ahead, creating alternative routes to cover all bases. (So create options.)

My Take: Inevitables would always show its ugly face, so they know it might all get wrong at a point; so this ones create scenerios in their head where it all got wrong and they also create solutions in their head as well. Before any tantrums pops up, a solution somehow pops up too, they aren’t shaken when it’s time to face hard-knocks situations ‘cos they know it’s all part of the plan, and it somehow gets better.
Make plans people don’t just stay docile when it’s all rosey.

33. They stay focused on their ultimate goals even through tough times. (So persevere.)

My Take: Because they understand there is just one goal and because they want to be tagged a “go getter” and an achiever, they act as if there were no hard times even if they encounter numerous hurdles.. they are patient and got an attitude that would always be exemplary , with eyes fixed on the ultimate prize.

34. Family is their number one priority. (So set aside time for those you love.)

My Take: “Family comes first”
The pressure is allowed but the one thing that eases the pain in staying in touch with family and loved ones. Do I need to say anymore.

Regardless!! They still ensure they are on an upward and onward climb #WayUp #Celonarants™

Regardless!! They still ensure they are on an upward and onward climb #WayUp #Celonarants™

35. They discuss important decisions with trusted allies before jumping in (so be collaborative.)

My Take: OK I am not too sure about th one but I would say this; As much as I do believe in the spirit of teamwork and partisanship, I also think successful people would confirm from themselves before jumping into partnership with anybody.
I believe in the team spirit, don’t get me wrong.

36. They speak respectfully and are respectful to others. (So be respectful.)

My Take: Everyone should be building a life with the simple tool called “respect”. Start with your immediate family and friends.. Pick out the ones you really value, and simply embarrass them with complete respect and loyalty. And to others just keep a cool and very relaxed relationship. If they try turning the tune a little bit higher, just give them their space.

37. They understand that their lives are fundamentally richer when they give of themselves. (So volunteer in your community.)

My Take: They would always come back to where it all started to bless it. ‘Cos when there was no hope, that small space they occupied back then, was what gave them inspiration and motivation to keep going.
They simply give back because, the feeling is refreshing and brings back memories that was once the push to do more.

38. The important decisions they do make they hold themselves accountable for and remain transparent at all times. (So be accountable.)

My Take: The twist and turns might come but it is never of their doings. They know what they set out to get, they pursue it with all vigour. If something wrong comes up during the struggle, they face it because they know it’s part of the plan that elevates them. This ones would “never” change nor bend to any situation, regardless the heat it brings.
They keep showing love because that’s the stuff they are made of.

39. They give thanks for all they have achieved in their lives, and to those who helped them get there. (So be grateful.)

My Take: They know almost every tool to giving thanks to the God they believe in.
In good and “bad” times, there is always a moment to be thankful for all that has happened in their lives.
A thankful spirit attracts the positive vibes we never asked for; tool too happiness in its abundance 😉

40. They aren’t stupid!

My take; Like the words you read above; We Aren’t Stupid!



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