“When asked to describe significant regrets in their lives, more than 8 out of 10 people focused on actions they did not take rather than actions they did. In other words, they focused on things they failed to do rather than things they failed at doing.” ~ David Niven, The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People

I Remember No One Man Can Be Way Past Mistake.. Open To Learning At All Times #Celonarants™

I Remember No One Man Can Be Way Past Mistake.. Open To Learning At All Times #Celonarants™

I was reading one of my favourite journal online and I came across this tips, I felt since they are a complete match to a post I did a long time ago. I thought it did be great to give my take on each of the tips and share with you guys.

There will never be a surefire way or proven path to success, but there are common traits and beliefs among the most successful people that make them stand apart from the rest. Here is the first part to tips to really staying on top notch level and maintaining balance; emotionally and socially, without turning into a total nervous wreck and ultimately crashing. Regard this tips as the first part of powerful hacks of the ever surpassing highly placed successful people.
1. Their best friends are successful.

My take: I guess the right thing to do is hang out with like minds, people with the same drive as you, also try associating with individuals that have gone through the ranks of part you intend to follow and turned out fine with laurels.

2. They are extremely motivated because they love what they do.

My take: “Only” concentrate on your passion and intensively love what you know how to do with ease.

3. They know that if they stay positive, positive things will happen.

My take: There would be hurdles and storms for sure, always look at the bright side of things, don’t make no one see/regard you a pessimist. Just persist, you would be alright at the end. Remember I told you.

4. They define their success by happiness, not money.

My take: Bless your creator for giving you another day and consider basking in the euphoria of a the less intense atmosphere; enjoy nature and don’t always be bothers about how huge your fiscal muscles has grown. Common take a chill pill fella; life is simple.

...but then, nature taught me loads of stuffs I wouldn't have known all by myself ;-D

…but then, nature taught me loads of stuffs I wouldn’t have known all by myself ;-D

5. They understand that their professional success is linked to their personal success and vice versa.

My take: Consider the betterment of yourself first, once you keep improving on you, there are chances that the ones around you would choose to learn from you, your good traits could become their habit. The world becomes a better place, end of story.

6. They never make excuses.

My take; No one should ever take a blame for your flaws and faults. Stick to your decisions and choose to accept the fact you failed, that’s if you would fail. I don’t think you would fail many times, if you really learnt that trade and perfectly convinced doubters that you know what you are really doing. #JustSaying

7. They view risks as an opportunity–to travel into the unknown makes their heart skip a beat as they throw themselves in with an enthusiastic smile.

My Take: risk taking should some how turn into an habit. It would always be a sure bet if your hardwork somehow have have slight collision with opportunity. It’s that simple.

8. They never choose the path of least resistance.

My take: They would always choose to go for the big trouble, they know they have built enough confident and an inept ability to trash and burn any hurdle, even the ones sharing similarities with mount everest.

9. They ignore negativity and those who say, “You can’t.”

My Take: Ignore doubters; they never figured out the quite monster you turned into, and the chances are they would never figure you out. Stay grinding and and dream only good dreams.

10. They admit to, fix, and learn from their mistakes quickly.

My Take: Mistakes are allowed, “everyone” makes mistake, Everyone! Concentrate on getting better, concentrate on the ultimate result, keep learning with every step taken. Become a fast learner with the process. You would be fine.






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