Charlie The Astronuat

I really do owe her one 😉
You should all read this and head to “” for more information
Twitter; @thepublicbloggr
Facebook; thepublicblogger

(Kendall Persons if you read this, you owe me one) 😉


You know that one friend you have no clue why you’re friends, or how you became friends? This is that friend for me (I have quite a few friends like that but)

Okay so this guy has been kinda like an older bro, a mentor in the blogging world for me, and I kinda thank my mind, and my advancement in creativity to him, we talk about deep shit, we talk about normal shit, but this guy knows how to cheer a girl up! He gives AMAZING advice, like he’s some bhudda re-incarnated or something, he calms me down when I need it, and he’s a cool dude. I call him an astronaut because he’s outta this world XD I am so lame, I now know that.

So why am I writing this?

Well this crazy guy, he’s taking part in an online reality show, sounds weirdly cool. But what…

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