I’m Proud Of You

“…So take a moment – one very important moment – and tell someone you are proud of them.”


Me - Who am I?

proud“I’m proud of you,” Thomas said to the young man standing before him. With a look of surprise the young man quietly replied, “Wow. Thank you. Really, thank you. I’ve never… No one’s ever said that to me before.” The pain of never having heard those words was evident in his eyes and in his voice. It was a very sad moment.

At 21 years old, this young, intelligent, determined, well-behaved young man had never heard anyone say that they were proud of him. Why not? Perhaps no one felt that it was important? Maybe for some reason they weren’t proud of all of his accomplishments and therefore had no reason to say it?

Whatever the case may be, this young man was obviously hurt by the failure of others to recognize all the wonderful things that he had done with his life. It was easy to see that he…

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