Blogging Tips, Advice and Blogging Strategy – 3/24/16

Correction Taken!!
Tips that would really help make blogging less complex to you and your audience..
This was one post I couldn’t ignore, I had to share with your guys fam 😉

Hope you having a great day people?

Dream Big, Dream Often

Guys and gals please take some time and educate yourselves on tagging your posts. This week I have visited and read a lot of posts and here are my blogging tips, advice and blogging strategy as it relates to Tags:

  1. Too many tags.  WordPress only allows 15 and that includes the category.  If you use more than 15 total designations, WordPress files your post as having no tags at all.  That means only your followers see  it the one time it lists on Reader.  I choose to use 1 category and 12 tags.
  2. Wordy/lengthy tags.
  3. Using words that no other person would ever use.  If in doubt, type in the word in tag search and see how many other people use the tag.  The fewer the posts listed means people aren’t using that tag.  For instance, I saw a tag this week, “happiness me.”  Now I ask you, which…

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