Every word you see on this post is a deliberate mix of many thoughts, culled out from multiple conversations I have heard with rich minded individuals in recent times and not just the simple conclusions of an opinionated man.
And I have to also acknowledge one of my favourite blogger and writer; Cristian Mihai ~#Celonarants™

We grew older and discovered it was not all rosey we still choose to deliberately stay open to unnecessary distractions? ~300 x 225 #BlackBerry OS

We grew older and discovered it was not all rosey ….do we still choose to deliberately stay open to unnecessary distractions?
~300 x 225
#BlackBerry OS

…For the record; I suggest you take this words in with an open mind, well I don’t think any consistent reader of this blog should have problems with the words you see here today, ‘cos the thing is; no one here is interested in any unnecessary arguments and resentments towards the minds that came up with this longread, and the conclusions we all came up with on this day, this post is another call to duty, for – Real talkers, thinkers, walkers and lovers of Celona’s blog in whole.

The structural ideology of Charles Okpere’s writing niche, has always being tied around his conscious effort to most especially; Learn, Expose, Inform and Enlighten, not regarding the continual hurdles he faces doing this compulsory task before him …hurdles that tickles a man; whose firm grip on sanity and doing the right things, even at odd hours has being a hardcore principle.
That being said, I would state here again; I prefer to blog the words of the very important issue that still bothers my mind late  into the night, where silence and solace are my allies. I am one of those very fussy writers who must have complete silence, to express it all, the exact way the picture comes to mind.

NOTE!! This blog would for no reason choose to represent an anti-semitism quarters, nor would we be against major stands by feminists all over the world.. We aren’t promising to b a 100% politically or socially on point, but we try as much as possible to stay on that lane we have maintained from the very start. One that represents standards of highly principled and structured writers, who try to get results from what they know and what they want to know.

The Norm? ~ by Gabor Dvornik

The Norm?
~ by Gabor Dvornik

You shouldn’t be surprised Celona’s blog has chosen to take on a very different topic entirely with this post …this is due to the fact that at a certain age in the life of a young man, he begins to have this ‘stupid’ necessary distractions, what a few of us here in this part of the world would call “catching feeling”. A young man deliberately chooses to deliver the running of his power-house and inept ability to think intensively and productively to the opposite sex, for just no reason other than the fact that he just wants the aura of a feminine being around him, when I think he should be putting his mind to task.

…the point where all the dude’s habit is completely tested and ultimately powered by the presence of a lady. At this point I can confidently tell you this same dude isn’t confused or deluded on any level. But he finds himself in a compulsory mess just because he carries the burden of “I can’t wait to have my own family” I understand the pressure you go through young gee but I have this to tell you about Women.

WOMEN. SOME ARE LIKE AIR They fill up the entire space available inside your heart. Chameleonic in nature, they quickly adapt to become your biggest dream or your worst nightmare. They take everything you give them, without even asking why or rejecting. They do not need basic orientation or tutorials on how to be a part of a man’s life. I am not against the private communion of a man and woman at any level, I have not called anyone a leech either, but young men should be able to think this out and realise there are possibilities of paying a price that ultimately retains a young man’s intuitive device that should be the backbone of every go-getter!

Women; Some are like water. taking almost any shape imaginable. They are calm, strong, patient but never consistent at doing the “right” thing always. They know how well to sponsor their own habits; in their own way and in your very presence. Good or bad, they don’t feel they should be stopped once their deeds feels right in their own head.

The more you look the less you see ~ Gabor Dvornik

The more you look the less you see
~ Gabor Dvornik

…consisting of all the good conditions you could think of but Imagine what a lake looks like; cutting through the toughest stone, a stormy sea – They hold more power than they themselves could ever calm down and imagine. Did you ever see yourself in the mirror of a woman’s eyes? Sounds impossible but take that as a personal task and I promise you would be flattened with shock brad.

Did you ever see yourself exactly for what you actually are? No masks, No fake pretending. Those are the qualities of water my friend – almost the same attributes of a woman, surprisingly the little ladies would also shock you beyond your imagination with their ability to be very rational and direct in situations where you coul barely utter a word.

And the odd thing here is that you never know how thirsty you are, till water is right before you. That little water you see in front of you could turn out to be very dangerous sea that could practically suffocate a full-fledged grown man to death.

Right Projections?? We don't even have answers to that.. Do we just co-exist? Photo Credit - Gabor Dvornik

Right Projections??
We don’t even have answers to that..
Do we just co-exist?
Photo Credit – Gabor Dvornik

Women are highly unpredictable. They themselves could loose count of how many times they did fall for a guy without a single reason.

Some women are made from fire. Let me rephrase: “Some women are fire in and out”. And you know what they say about fire. “Don’t play with fire” you would get burnt friend.
Impulsive by nature, they love like no other human could think of loving. And switch to hate in a record time. Passionate, ambitious, strong willed, curious and could be very silly at the same time and still be regarded as a queen. Sounds really crazy right.. The thing is we consciously and unconsciously give them that power they are not willing to let go anytime soon. They are learning real hard to become practitioners of “men-handlers”.

They don’t wait on you for them to act in any given situation. In fact, they don’t even need you as much as you feel they need you. They just let you “feel” like the ruler and king, to the man’s detriment. The definition of stupidity is when men believes he can convince and control a self willed lady, feeling they are good at controlling such women Or change them to their liking.

They do not change. They are who they are, who they were before you met them. Who they were born to be. They may turn out to look like serious dependants, but my dear friends, this women were born with fire in their hands, and are willing to burn down a whole empire, if things don’t go the way they planned for the onset.

Your companion with that so called “little girl” Is one mixed with love, hate, pain and sweetness. It’s danger. It’s something close to flow of a tragic poetry. And just like air we breath, when it comes it comes, when it is gone it is gone. You just can’t retrieve anything her presence brought on day one of your union with her …and that’s the realest I could get on this topicm

But the one reason they love you so much, is actually tied to the fact that you chose to transform into that exact shape and form they have always wanted to see you in: what they become by your side is as a result of the dedication and attention you gave to not her in particular, but her ideas and the style she has saliently chosen to use to rule you.

They need to be shaped more than anyone else continually and Nonstop!!, they need to find their identity by loving someone and sticking to what they took ti

Yeah I Know!!

Yeah I Know!!

me to trust. They are just that and nothing more my friend.

…if given time, they would somehow transform into the air inside any place you both have chosen to stay …the space they occupy becomes their complete right overtime. And even though you have sworn that they would never change you, wait until carelessly allowed to stay a little bit longer chooses to disappear on her own date. That’s when you see the kind of crack they could create when they are no more.

And some women are made from earth. You know the expression: “down to earth.” Men would say about them that they’re rational beings. And they are. They love with their heads. They make lists. They decide. They rarely whine when it hurts, when the going gets tough. They’re beautiful in a simple way. Maybe men don’t turn their heads after them on the street, but they sure do fall in love with them without even realizing it.

Waiting for your comments on the flip side.. No one is compelled to agree with me.

Have a fine week ahead 😉




© CelonaCharles 2016



  1. Charles your voice comes through strong and powerful which is great, a good read; if a tad longer than I rarely have time for at seven in the morning. I am pleased to have found this place where you write. 😇 As for the content, (some of which ruffled this English woman’s feathers) I don’t agree with it all; I am sure was the plan. Your words evoke feelings and what ever those feelings are it is those that tell me you are worth the time to read. Have a great week, I will be back. 😇

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the wonderful words Ellen..
      Happy to see my words ruffled you alittle, that was the intentions; to men and women alike.
      We are glad to have you part of our community and we hope you stay longer to share I our future post.. I can promise the words you see her would always remain mind provoking but with all intentions to be real, and hopefully pass on sound messages 😉


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