When you’re different, sometimes you don’t see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn’t ~ Jodi Picoult

Visuals by Charles Okpere

Visuals by Charles Okpere

Life becomes increasingly complicated and frustrating at times …But is it as we really think? Is it “hard”? Or is it simple? Annoying for a few? Complicated for another few? But I think it’s also very easy at the same time; speaking as an opinionated man yeah.

I believe there’s something that keeps everything in place so to speak. The principles of an individual might not be the principle of the other! But the Universe — still proves to be a perfect work of art; loaded with all that makes it simple, Regardless.

I think in the world of men and animals alike; what really keeps everything in place is love and more loving of you, an act that allows for vibes that the next man benefits from.

Would you accept this statement of facts; Love is the only force on Earth that takes as many forms as fear does …but if you go the way of fear, life immediately drops you on platforms of overthinking, which is another special form of fear; So as is anxiety and low self-esteem, the list goes on brethren.

But then there is Hope, another special form of love. You can feel it deep down right? You know that feeling deep down you wouldn’t trade for anything; you know what I mean yeah?

Even when nothing makes sense; even when your brain tells you to give up, there’s something inside you fighting to keep on going. Fighting because you feel that one exact journey “only” you understands would make sense at the end.

An eye on the morrow pays folks Visuals by Charles Okpere

All eye on the ‘morrow …it pays folks
Visuals by Charles Okpere

Unknowingly the life we live, is meant to teach us the real meaning of love. whatever situation, regardless the type of environment you feel trapped in. We all get to tutorials on just one lesson; How Best To Love Better!

Individuals. Man-to-man. One another. The man next door. The world. What we do. What we have. What we don’t have. What happened. What did not happen. In all truthfulness, I think we should be more interested in making out of our lives; a life that really understands how to give and accept good Loving. Isn’t it what makes life easy, even when we co-exist with a humanity that’s point blank Stupid.

Don’t you think compassion is a different form of love? Same as patience right?. How about courage being a strong form os self-loving huh?
This are my thoughts on a day I feel Love should be celebrated every single day of the rest of our lives.

This world will break you until you understand this one lesson; KNOW HOW TO LOVE YOU FIRST!! Loving others becomes as easy as reciting the English alphabets.

If you don’t love yourself, you would definitely chase after people who don’t love you, and have no understanding of love and what it entails. If you don’t see magic and beauty in yourself, you won’t see it anywhere else. That might sound cruel to a few but it’s definitely true my friend.

Define what you really are.

You are actually what you love.

You are what you choose to be.




© 2016 CelonaCharles


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