Beyond Self-loving

Beyond Self-loving

When love is true
It can’t be through
Though blind to the view
It won’t be denied
It’s a blessing, a curse
All in disguise
But when love is true
There’s no denying two
Two hearts that beat in tune
There’s no letting go nor holding on
If you thought you had a choice
Wake up to the truth
The joy, the pain, the angst of it all
Has no hiding place
It’s all penned on your face
For when love is true
It’s programmed
In your mind
In your hearts
Tied by your souls
Written in the stars
All before you were born
It’s the master of your soul
Captain of your heart
A chip in your mind
Playing on rewind
It’s God
God’s Doing
God’s Planning
God’s Masterpiece

…inked words; Deanne’s World

…photo Credit; Charles Okpere




© 2016 Celonacharles


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