...somewhere in Sri Lanka by Gabor Dvornik

…somewhere in Sri Lanka by Gabor Dvornik

Yeah!! I was on the road all day; practically speaking here. 😦

Had ample time to refine my musing some how …had time to come up with some “hardcore” materials I would be sharing soon. It has not being easy serving a government you see no reason to serve, but you just have to do what has to be done right? before someone from nowhere tags you a traitor.

With that said, I am still sticking to the goals at hand, which has really given me reasons to starve, I think I would soon be asking for assistance from all quarters affiliated with Celona’s blog in all kind of ways; especially those who feel there could be a dream on here that needs to guided to fruition.

I want to be that guy who tells people they can fly. I want to see the magic they have stored up in their hearts for so long. And I want to make them see it, I want to make them use it. Because, truth be told, falling is just another way to fly.

Ask yourself, “What if I can actually fly?” Ask yourself that, over and over again, until you stop feeling you are close to falling. And once you genuinely believe that you can fly, never let anyone take that from you. Never let that spark go out.

Do you ever ask yourself if you like the person you are? If you are who you have always wanted to be? Do you know who you want to be?



We aren’t seeking to save the whole world here on Celona’s plat, no one man can.. All we try doing here is help individuals catch their breath, as they get ready to run or fly again. I think that’s possible fam.

Add your voice 😉


Thanks to Jason Cushman of HARSH REALITY for this post; http://wp.me/p323bn-7m4 ;thats my heart bleed, right there.


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