Is Debt Strangling the Life Out of Your Dreams?

Very revealing to ignore.
I thought it was best to share

Dream Big, Dream Often

I am not shocked that most people are relatively unsuccessful; money wise that is.  I do believe that any human being can accomplish what they desire if they have a mind to do so, but I don’t think the majority truly have burning desire.

I believe the majority of people go to school to get a job and if they make $50,000 per year combined with their soon-to-be spouses’ $50,000, they will be happy and live out their life working for “the man.”

After all, the average household income in the U.S. is $50,000, so compared to the average, your family would be sitting pretty.

credit-card-debt image credit:

The problem with our society today is not that people cannot make enough money to live their dreams or work their dream job(s).  The issue is that most Americans have fallen for a great lie: credit is a necessity.

Credit can…

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