The Anchor of Hope

The Extensive thought of a strong woman living in an overtly “sane” world.
I thought I should share šŸ˜‰

Karina's Thought

ANCHOR OF HOPE - Karina's Thought

Hello everyone! Glad and be grateful I could come back again with my new post. On the first week of this New Year, I got a lot of questions from my friends about what is my prediction for this year, especially in the business and finance field. Some of them shows their pessimistic in carrying out this year; they assume this year will not be better than previous. They even filled with anxiety in facing this year. ā€œI didnā€™t dare to put hope too much, or even I didnā€™t have hope at all for this year. I think could be surviving day by day is more than enoughā€ Said one of my friend pessimistically.

My beloved friends, on my first post of this year I longs to talk about hope. In this today world that full of problems, affliction, and trials, there are many people losing hope in their lifeā€¦

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