Technology Bashing

You just can’t help but love this Asian guys.. #SmartPeople!
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When life changing technology is released to the masses there are always critics warning of the great social dangers that will occur. Today I was listening to a radio interview with a woman arguing that smartphones are taking away the opportunities for the younger generation to learn how to verbally interact with people, and that something should be done about this.

Maybe it is bad, I donā€™t know. But there isnā€™t a way to say for sure unless both scenarios were played out with the same exact circumstances. The main issue of contention is how everyone reverts to their smartphone when there is more than 2 seconds of mental idle time and for the majority of their communications needs.

Much of what people believe in is biased to what they are used to. Iā€™m sure there were arguments against the mass ownership of telephones and televisions when they first cameā€¦

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