Graduation Speech.PS: I think I passed.

Completely Relatable!!
You should see this fam
M.Chidi is at it again šŸ˜‰


I remember starting the year on a very positive note. I basically was in cloud 52 (must it be cloud 9?). 2014 ended well, 2015 came in and I took a major decision.

I was damn too sure about that decision.


You know how sure you are after you buy aso-ebi that you are going to eat small chops at the wedding? Complete one o, not puff-puff. Of which, congratulations to my girl, Brenda Ezinne Idiaye, she got married the traditional way yesterday. (Iā€™m sorry I couldnā€™t make it). Thatā€™s how sure I was but then again, have you ever had to attend a wedding as a member of the bridal train, you think you will be given VIP treatment but you end up joining the ushers and the caterers to either take people to their seats or help people find seats (I wonder why they would come late andā€¦

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