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This wouldn’t be the saddest story you ever heard, I promise!
Rufus Rawlings of;rawlingsrufus’ Blog Is more than just a writer and a realist; He is a fellow countryman, who understands how crazy it is living in a contraption call a country. This gentleman could practically throw stones with words …a great activist, who specialises in enchanting social consciousness, discussing social challenging issues, international policy analysis.
He speaks to Celona’s blog in the cool of the festive period. I don’t think he sounds too happy. Let’s see what he has to say.


Good morning world, and most especially, good morning to my humble self!! It’s 27th Of December, I should be all about the Yuletide right? But in recent days I have slept and woken up with enormous anger that’s biting in like cancer …and my face always contoured with sadness. An Anger that is now gradually giving way to rage.
It is not the Nigerian dwindling economy that’s throwing me off balance, nor is
it because of her current stand-off with poverty that has taken the shine off Christmas.
Like Charles Okpere would always do; ask questions! Real heart felt questions.

What has really necessitated this callous government to call off christmas celebrations in my region? …and it’s not even the new government apparent lack of focus that worries me in an indifferent Yuletide season, I don’t think that should really bother me. What worries me is this Unnecessary brutal crackdown on a race that seeks freedom of nationhood; freedom to make decisions for itself. A race that have tolerated with strenght and faith, all of Nigeria’s
misfortunes since 1960.

“The Igbo nation” as perceived; goes through a marginalisation connivance of the northern and western Nigeria Against my beloved mother land. At this point I don’t think we should still be misconstrued? I am completely having the feel of post Independence in an “independent state” I have continually witnessed years of politics that has created ethnic lines and complete marginalisation, bringing most of us to a point our heart craves for; the formation of the Biafran nation. The feel for national disloyalty has gained momentum, thus culminating the fear of a repeat of the Nigerian – Biafran civil war of 1967 – 1970.

The Igbo Biafran war Lord col. Odumegbwu Ojukwu who led the Biafran secessionist movement has since passed on, leaving the Igbo people without a charismatic and fearless warrior. The rest that tried carrying on the struggle were simply business minded revolutionalists whom the
federal govt refered to as “purse conscious activists”.

Recently however, the emergence of the charismatic kanu Nnamdi, has turned the chapter of the story around, and now it seems like we have always wanted this all along. Nnamdi kanu is a london based political activist
whom I believe came back with some amount of fabian learning. Nnamdi operated a radio station called Radio Biafra. The radio station was to become his voice and that of the Biafran people. Nnamdi quickly gained



wide coverage and fans through his revolutionary rants over the radio. People began to see reasons with him, the reasons for the continued fight for the actualisation of Biafran independence. He quickly became
the the leader of the movement; IPO “Indigenous people of Biafra” aswell; the only reasonable effort for an act to occupy emanating from the Igbo nation.
This renewed call, for the formation of a strong Igbo empire, caught the attention of patriotic youths in Igbo land. Sharing in his idea, they have began preaching the Biafran gospel.
Carrying Biafran currency, wearing Biafran clothes et al. Ofcourse, the federal government had to arrest him as expected. The DSS held him in their office for
as long as they liked before taking the case to court. While he was
Under arrest on the orders of our “no nonsense” president, general
BUHARI, protest began nation wide for his release. Especially in the eastern part of the country where he hails from. Economic and commercial activities were crippled for the Biafran reason.
The secret magistrate court where Nnamdi kanu was arriagned had
granted him bail. But the DSS refused his release. Then it became a battle between the judiciary and the executive arms of this contraption called a country.
Again, Nnamdi kanu sought a court order demanding the DSS to transfer to prison. But this court order was disregarded too simply, because the enigmatic activist could get access to his legal team very easily there.

However, the young revolutionalist was released on 16th december 2015 after much protest from different part of the country, in solidarity for a “good” course which had nearly thrown the country into turmoil.
And that action did calm some nerves as states within the Igbo
geographical expression had stopped functioning economically.
Prior to his release, Nnamdi kanu was charged for criminal conspiracy,
terrorism sponsorship, intimidation and membership of illegal
organisation. *clearly stupid charges* The charges were compeletly ridiculous and did
contravene some sections of the Nigerian penal code.

Before NNAMDI KANU’S RELEASE, the protest that trailed his arrest was
marked by mass shootings and killing of the protesters by govt forces.
More unimaginable, was more killing of protesters whom were
celebrating the release of their hero.
Clearly, this act of dictatorship and crackdown on peaceful protesters were events that culminated to a large scale civil war in libya. This
same act, did not elicit any western condemnation!.

Creek Boys

Creek Boys

And Continuously, the Igbo race will continue to be marginalised, shot at, and silenced by all means for expressing their belief?
You be the judge.

Tell us how you feel, we would appreciate your views.

I have to stop here for now.
Would be seeing you around Celona’s Plat.. It was nice expressing my heartbeat.



Facebook – Rufus Rawlings

Twitter – @Rawlings2011

© 2015 CelonaCharles



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